Kylie Jenner Wants What Done to Her Versace Gown?! | Life of Kylie | E!

The lip kit queen is deciding which Versace gown to wear to the 2017 Met Gala–but something just isn't right about her gown. Hear what she wants altered on "Life of Kylie".


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Kylie Jenner Wants What Done to Her Versace Gown?! | Life of Kylie | E!


    • There’s these series her on youtube that show the exact process of how couture dresses are made. They are short and fascinating and people actually hand stitch every single one of the beads onto that bodice. It makes you appreciate the people who work so hard in all the ateliers.

    • ElectricMuffins So when you replicate that dress will you be posting a link to pictures of your work? It’s not REALLY labour so it shouldn’t be too bad, right?

  1. People need to go a little easy on her…. I mean come on! It isn’t her fault that she was born rich!!!!

  2. She had a good body before, I don’t see why she had to go fill it with plastic. I think she has some sort of body dysmorphia.

    • She didn’t have a good body before it was really square and she had no curves at all. Her body, her life, her choice. None of your business.

    • Hayley Louise welp, if you have the money to change things about yourself which almost everyone- I’m sure you’d do it too. So stop criticizing her

  3. Following the hit “like, realizing stuff”, the new merch: “i need to kinda suffocate”

  4. “Kylie Jenner Wants What Done to Her Versace Gown???!!!!” …… she literally just wants it tailored a little bit

    • Only cause you shave a bone down or add fat transfer or get lip filler does not mean her body is fake maybe enhanced. If you remove a leg and add a wood leg then yes that would be fake but this isnt the case

  5. “i want my body to look crazy, like i need to kinda suffocate” this girl has serious body image issues :/

  6. She’s looks like a 40 years old milf who likr hanging and shopping around the valley or beverly hills.

  7. I think kylie’s most intelligent reply all the time is “this is cool”. That’s how far she can go.

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