Lady Gaga Comes After Mike Pence & His Wife! | TMZ TV

She's a REAL Christian.


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  1. Lol here I’m thinking didn’t you sell your soul and why are trying to speak on behalf of Christians

  2. If she was Christian she wouldn’t be doing the music she is now. And hey Christians welcome people but they don’t support certain things

  3. So is Mike Pence wife going to have a gay detector at the door how do you know if someone’s gay you don’t I hate when people think they can tell if someone is gay just by looking at them there are a lot of people out here who appear to be heterosexual who are clearly gay

  4. Catholic and Christians are two separate beliefs. Catholics worship the virgin marry (and some “fathers” little boys) while Christians believe in Jesus Christ as only living God.

  5. The bible is very clear that It is a sin to be homosexual. You either believe in the bible or you don’t. I don’t think the people who wrote the bible were aware that some people were “born this way.”
    No punt intended.

    • Nah….we all inherited sin from the original man if you arw a Christian and the bible is very direct as to what is wrong, what is right, and how to live your daily life, ask for forgiveness of our sins and in who’s name to ask in. So as you stated the bible defines homosexuality as a sin right? That means it simply is a sin so theres no debating that. But yes you can receice deformity, disability, disease, illness, sickness, etc as a inheritance so similar to murder homosexuality doesn’t make it right. If you believe in the bible! A 8 year old can be born with some genetic dispositions along with learned behavior therefore go committ murder….but inheriting such attributions doesnt make murder justified right? Being born with certain specifics defines ones birth but the first baby steps one takes, then the walk, and eventually that run define how we all live our life. Thats what we will be judged upon! I know this, you know this, we all know this but we spend our life trying to justify our sins!🤔

    • The bible also says to forgive is divine and love your neighbour like yourself. The bible contradicts itself a lot of times.

  6. I wonder if Jesus would have banned LGBT kids and their parents from attending an elementary school?

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