‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Friend Zone Couple Blames Wayne Brady, Still Heading To Mexico | TMZ

The dude who got epically friend-zoned on "Let's Make A Deal" is blaming it all on the game show's host, Wayne Brady.


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    • +C. Ray exactly some hear what they want to hear she said they’re friends in this video 50 times and hes still chasing her. Maybe she likes it maybe it makes her uncomfortable either way it goes she made it clear they are not in a monogamous relationship. If I were her I’d leave the friendship tbh and maybe he should too because clearly he wants more but as I woman I’m weary of the “nice” guys who cant hear the words that come out my damn mouth.

    • You’re not the only one. If you don’t want me, fine, get on your horse and ride out of town, lady. 😉

    • +Robert Eugene he’s the one who sticks around.

      She obviously doesn’t want him as anything more than a (really, really good) friend, while he wants a romantic relationship.

      He has 2 options:

      1. Stop being her friend.
      2. Accept the friendship and find someone else to love.

      But he needs to learn to love himself before loving someone else. I have a feeling that even if he found someone else, he would put himself in the friend zone again.

    • +Naked Snake

      Usually, from observation, the real “friendzoned” guy gets mixed signals from the woman. She’ll often give off a mildly flirtatious vibe when around the guy she friendzoned, while privately telling her friends he’s “just a friend.” This happens way more often than anyone thinks, and is why a friendzoned young man often ends up staying there, in “the friend zone.” Only as a young man gets older (and wiser to the game) does he see the two realistic options you’ve set out.

      No, sorry ladies, I’ve observed stuff like this among university students for 4 decades, and you women aren’t totally innocent in this little dance. Stop playing it off as if you are. (That was for the women reading along, Naked Snake).

    • Jackie S.

      “Thinking the same…” “He probably will be in his late years before he figures that war-drobe out… right Harvey?”

    • In his mind, he has emotionally invested so much time that if he moves on, he will feel that he has wasted it. To save his investment, he will continue to chase something that isn’t there. It’s a terrible situation.

    • +Cherry Pauper its a situation a lot of beta males find themselves in tbh. They grow so attached to certain women, that even if they say no, they wanna wait for her to change her mind. Which is unfortunate, because you’re waiting on something you can’t control. You can’t outsimp your way out of the friend zone. She has to develop an attraction for you, but if it isn’t there when you make a move, it’s likely that it will never be. That’s why if a female dubs your advances of any sexual/romantic inclinations, it’s advised to keep your distance from her, or cut her off completely.

    • Gay? He wants something with her but she see him just like a friend. (Friendzone) why he is gay? But yeah he have to move on and find somebody lol

    • +CoffeeLover because he obviously wants more and shes just making him think theres a chance for the attention. Why should a guy have to completely compromise what they want for someone as selfish as this chick obviously is.

    • +Aaron P i never said he had to. Either be her friend or keep it moving. I would be so fucking irritated and turned off if a guy was pretending to be my friend with hopes of being with me even though I’ve made it clear there’s nothing there.

    • Aaron P how is she “making him think there’s a chance”. She’s crystal clear—there’s NO chance

    • +C. Ray maybe in the interviews. Who knows what happens behind closed doors. Or hes just an idiot, which is possible too

  1. Someone save that bloke please before he goes on a serial killing spree.

  2. yeah he’s definitely waiting around hoping she changes her mind. she’ll give him a chance in 20 years when she’s aged and nobody is checking her out anymore. lol

  3. Bro cut her off… Get some more, and shell come running back, You are giving her too much power. Did it one time, never done that again. And now its weird because girls chase me. Be cautious with your time.

  4. I hate chicks who constantly make a point to say friends. Like biatch we heard you the first 20 times

  5. I clicked on this thinking it would make some sense of that incredibly weird original video… instead I just got more cringe 😕

  6. I thought I’d get some clarity on them with this, but all I learned is that they are truly cringeworthy.

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