George Lopez doubled down on a disparaging comment he made about Ivanka Trump … that "she's ready" to get pimped out.


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    • caveloc Oh give me a break. Trump insults people all the time. Now you’re getting sensitive?? LMFAO! 😂

    • Keyesboy well I know one thing if I can’t live in the mail car I already know where I want to live I just found out that America is 4th ranked with violence the great I found out who is the greatest country in the world it is Germany Germany Sports seconds United Kingdom daughters Canada and America is dead last 4th if you want to if y’all want to prove me wrong look up is America the best country in the world it’s going to take you know America’s not the greatest country is sweet Germany

    • Well he sure kept it gangsta let me see…hmm.. attacking a woman and mother for no fault of her own. Yes what a catch. I’m sure George’s wife thinks the same thing. George cheated on his wife, took her kidney to live and then left her, what a gangsta! fucking loosers!

  1. trump insults soo many people. makes fun of the disabled people. get over this. this is nothing.

    • +Steve Shelton liberals are pussies? and yet george says 2-3 words and pisses off all the trump supporters. thats fucking hilarious.

    • +thedevilsmaster yes because you have to be totally out rioting to be classified as “pissed” at someone.

    • +Col. Scott I looked some of it up and didnt find much besides a couple of low view videos.

    • +Col. Scott child abuse? Because we actually discipline our children? Unlike whites who theyd shoot up a school and their parents would be like “thats ok billy you were just angry that day”

    • If you’re gonna comment at least have the curtesy of reading the articles. The abuse I mentioned was sexual abuse. You’re talking about whites like I am one. My spouse my kids and I are Hispanics from South America. I’ve lived in Latin America most of my life Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela. We fled from it because of its anarchy, LOW EDUCATION and manners, lack of opportunity, poor technology and infrastructure, RACISM, MISOGAMY, INJUSTICE, POVERTY, dirtiness, INCONCEIVABLE CRIMINALITY and yet people like you want to lecture me about how wonderful our Latin America is. Give me a break, quitate el nopal de la frente and recognize the problem so that you can correct it. Otherwise you will be stuck in that failed culture in which people have destroyed their own countries, thanks to their low intelligence and still have a cognitive bias of an illusory superiority and morality. That bias is called the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Educate yourself and respond properly.

    • Millions said they would do the same if Obama won not once but twice, and guess what? they’re still here. People called Obama’s kids all kinds of names, why the double standard?

  2. I love it when rich celebrities like George Lopez get so angry after a Republican becomes President. Nothing about their lives is going to change with Donald Trump as President. They will still be flying around in jet planes and telling everyone to stop polluting the environment. They will still be telling everyone to become vegetarians while they enjoy steak dinners at the finest restaurants. They will still be telling everyone in America to donate more of their money to the federal government despite the fact that there was a record number of homeless people living in New York City in 2013. Detroit, Michigan went bankrupt on July 18, 2013 while Barack Obama was President.

  3. This is slightly weird for me to watch cause I’ve never ever ever seen George Lopez so serious

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