Lil Yachty gets Trolled For His Weight! | TMZ TV

Lil Battleship!


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    • i love lil boat n he is so intelligent as a young black man his music is different as well like everybody else’s that is one reason y I like him..n he with qc so stop hating on him st8 up

    • wiifii 5.0 still not healthy overall tho you need veggies with every meal

    • Yo deadass all i eat is pizza and fries i weigh 148 you can’t blame it on that he just lazy if you just sit around don’t exercise ofcourse he gonna be chunky lol

    • Alyson Harris why? He’s a celebrity, they all know what they sign up for

    • +MostNaturalMedia because no one ACTUALLY WANTS THAT! This is why we ONLY see Bey when she’s PERFECT! Let these folks live. And I deleted tmz…til i got this not.

  1. *Really? So what if he HAD gained weight. 🤷‍♀ I honestly can’t relate.*

    • TMZ is reminding us with this headline that it’s funny to call people fat!!!

    • +Douglas Freer *sounds cruel to me, but that’s my opinion. That’s why I said I can’t relate.*

    • lilflasheyc
      It is pretty insensitive to fat shame people, and he clearly felt hurt by the internet calling him out since he posted picks after the fat shaming started. If he didn’t care he wouldn’t address it, but he does care. I get what you’re saying, but not everyone feels the same way.

    • +lilflasheyc I never implied that I was having a nervous breakdown about the situation. I just said I can’t relate. Its just my opinion that body shaming other people is stupid and irrelevant. What does it matter, how much the man weights? I don’t get it? However, if it hurt his feelings, well then yeah, that’s cruel.

  2. It’s ridiculous to bully anyone. People’s should worry about themselves.

  3. Lets see y’all critics have millions at your disposal and not gain weight…That Lil Boat eating shark sammiches and all now🤣

  4. So what gucci is a legend and he was fat too and waka flaka as well. Yall got too much time on ya hands if your worried about other people period.

  5. You guys obviously didn’t watch the video all the way through because he isn’t fat. 🤣😂

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