Sinbad Says Louis C.K. Will Know When He’s Gone Too Far, Audience Will Whoop His Ass | TMZ

Sinbad thinks Louis C.K. is dangerously close to losing his mind and pulling a Michael Richards, but he still believes it's a terrible idea to start censoring comedians


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    • +Mad 1976 i cant. And apperently the audience cant either cause they laughed their asses off. Have you either heard the whole set?

    • +SollertisKhan So basically your getting upset with the victims of the family for being offended by this joke ?

    • +Mad 1976 not rlly that upset. I guess if i had to be upset id be mostly upset with all the outrage that is comming from everyone else who isnt from the parkland shooting. Also you still didnt awnser my questions, did you watch the set?

    • +SollertisKhan yes i did hear the audience was laughing i give that.But once the tape came out it was the victim family who was offended by it im just being reasonable your getting upset using the P.C card crying victim.

    • +Mad 1976 nah 99 percent of the backlash was from random ppl who had nothin to do with the parkland shooting. And yes i do believe ppl involved in the shooting shouldnt be upset at the joke, which was told to a small club and not intended for them.

  1. First time I heard Sinbad curse, his standups are clean and classics… This man is an underappreciated Legend!!

    • Don’t know about underappreciated. He had a nice run with comedy and did movies…. He just took to long to change up his material with times…. He is a great comedian and a true og.

  2. Comedians feel like they should be able to make fun of and criticize whoever they want, but when the public criticize them they get upset. Does anyone see the irony here?

    • SollertisKhan look I’m not one of those people who argue even if they are proven wrong, if you give me a solid argument I will say I’m wrong and you’re right. I’m not black, is it ok for me to say the N word in a joke?

    • +abuaseel01 bro the problem is context. Comedians that are established are performing for people who chose to come see them based off their material. Playing a joke outside of that setting is only going to offend the people who would have never been there to begin with.

    • +chustlerm to be honest, I think everyone in this conversation has had different experiences and so it is difficult to understand the point of view of each other, for that reason it is possible we are all right to a certain point, and at the same time we are all wrong to a certain point.

    • +abuaseel01 telling a joke about the parkland survivors at a parkland memorial would have been horrible taste and clearly the wrong crowd. But sitting amongst other like minded people who have not been affected directly you will may get laughs plus. You dont know whats too far until you have said it. That is why it is called material. Ever thought is not going to be great, have to put it out in the world so you can fine tune it. Clearly you didnt like the joke and there will be more who don’t but playing anyones words out of context will have them looking crazy

  3. You can’t be a good comedian if you’re scared you might upset someone. Some jokes work, some jokes don’t but if you go on stage scared you will be horrible!!!

  4. I saw him stand up n phx and I loved it!! I’d pay double to watch him again. Classy and funny as hell

  5. The entire audience at Louie CKs set that night was clearly laughing and loving it. PC culture is trying to kill comedy and here we have another stand up act who is afraid to offend anybody, thus another stand up act with a quarter of the audience that Louie has.

  6. Sinbad, you still the man. Love you bro…..BUT………that hair man?! What the hell is going on up there??? 🤡

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