Kendall Jenner Calls Out Kylie Over Family Time | KUWTK | E!

When Caitlyn and the Jenner girls get together, Kylie can't seem to leave the fun fast enough! See Kendall's heated reaction in this "Kardashians" peek.

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Kendall Jenner Calls Out Kylie Over Family Time | KUWTK | E!


  1. It is pretty douchey but I was the same way when I was a teenager I wanted nothing to do with my parents. The car looks like so much fun !

  2. Stop hating on Kylie. When you were a teenager you would have rather hung out with your friends than your family. And Kylie does spend a lot of time with her dad she was the first one who went to see him after his transition

    • JuliaTheCoolia yes, when Kendall was a teenager she would rather hang out with her friends than her family but she had many opportunities to hang out with family , Kylie on the other hand doesn’t have a lot of opportunities to be with her family, so when you see a chance take it! Especially if you can hang with your friends a billion other times🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

    • I’m a teenager that, would definitely rather spend time with my family, especially if I see them as little as she sees hers.

  3. i think kylie is like careless in a way, she is like a brat is like you want to slap her in the face

    • I agree like Kylie’s definition of a “role model” and my definition of a “role model” are I think two completely different things. I love Kylie and all but like sometimes she just pisses me off!

    • Don’t know how I can agree more. All she cares about is making money and hanging out with her friends. She doesn’t even care about spending time with her family, like Kendall does. It’s annoying how everyone loves her

    • Catira App I understand what you are saying but you have to know that, what she looks like on TV and who she actually is, are very different things….in reality she is probably not that bad if a person, i almost feel bad for that whole family cuz they were just born into this life where everything they do no matter what: wear a certain dress, say a certain thing, go out with someone, go out for family time: its all documented for the world….I would want some privacy. I mean, the poor girl is what……..18? Maybe? And people are accusing her of breast implants when like….shes a teenage girl….like my breasts got bigger as i got older but that doesn’t mean i got IMPLANTS!! Judging someone you don’t personally know like as a friend or someone you see often it’s silly.

  4. I don’t think Kylie is in the wrong she’s a teenager who would rather hang with friends like most teens do and if you look back Kendall was like that too at one point

    • Vixen09 yeah but not during family vacations she always made time for family and that’s why I like her

    • Amaka joice tbh they both do at times Kendall did more on the older seasons and now Kylie does on the new ones but I get what your saying Kendall is usually now all about family

    • What about when the family went to Greece, Bora Bora, & the Dominican Republic? Kylie did her own thing while Kendall was with the family & about age it really depends. I stopped acting like parents are goofy I wanna stay away from them when I was 16 & always wanted to spend time with them. Kylie’s just a rude brat.

    • I’m 16 and I would give up ANYTHING to spend time with at least one of my older sisters with my mom/dad since I barely see my sisters

  5. Kendall is the normal person in the family, she is naturally beautiful and is the only one who hasn’t had any work done to her face.  She also doesn’t put on too much makeup either. There are times that I don’t like Kendall, but as she has gotten more mature and is more smarter and wiser, she is my favorite.

  6. You really don’t understand that of all of the Women Kendall is although shy, is incredibly smart, and well grounded. I just can’t understand why she wastes her time with all this drama? I mean she could go to University and earn A’s all day long.

    • @Alexandria Serna She’s the furthest from a brat. Yeah, on the show she acts like one for ratings but my friend met Kendall & she’s really nice & just said Kylie was….. ehhh. It’s obvious she just sticks with them for connections. She was always with the Jenners on the show making Kris mad even wanting a vintage car like them. Now that she lives on her own in the city while they all live in Calabasas she barely goes to red carpets with them or is on the show & only sticks with her model friends, doesn’t act slutty or dates ghetto men like Kim & Kylie. Bruce most likely wanted her out the house before 18 so she won’t end up like any of them & it worked. I praise Bruce for that 😀

    • Steven McElroy lol smart??? kylie told her parents she couldn’t read she even asked for a Tudor

    • Kylie is the furthest from smart. Poor girl takes after her sister Kim & Kourtney when it comes to that. She even spaces out on interviews like them

    • @MartaValentin3 If she stayed away from that trashy family of hers then she is smart. Smart doesn’t have to be book wise

  7. Kendall is so great. She has a genuine personality and is hard working. Kylie on the other hand needs to mature and, as Kendall said, “have her priorities straight”

  8. Just because you turn 18, buy a house & run around clubbing doesn’t make you a grown up or mature! Then again, your Mom should have stepped up long ago & not let you act the way you do! If I would have ever talked to my Mum the way you & some of your sisters do, she would have snatched my hair off my head!! Kendall & Khloe are the best of the bunch!!

    • yup their mom doesn’t put her foot down for anything, kylie is fake and such a brat. u can still act sweet and grateful if u have all this money. not take it for granted

    • +Mimmi Torres Exactly! They should be even more thankful because all they have been blessed with in life!!

    • Beth Fralix it’s not like she would have listened to her mom you know how her attitude is and the fact that she’s 18 she can do anything she wants

    • This whole family is just disgusting!! Now the dads a women with boobs, a wig, make up, nail polish, skirt, & heels. No wonder Kendall barely hangs out with them then blames it ”on work” but she always has time to take vacations with her friends. I get her though & don’t blame her. With a family like that I’d do that too!!

    • keepin itreal you’re calling them disgusting just because their dad is trans? Honestly, you’re the only disgusting one here, sweetheart.

  9. Honestly I really don’t like Kendall.She talks to people like they owe something to her just because they’re family , Kylie sees her family all the time and it’s not her fault that Kendall is always working. Also, can people stop saying that Kendall is the best sister just because she had the least work done, since when was it ok to judge somebody based on their appearance. Plus in almost every clip with Kendall and Kylie this season Kendall is constantly throwing Kylie under the bus and if I were Kylie I would leave too.

    • I don’t think people are judging kylie on her appearances but decision on getting plastic surgery. In my opinion (and of course its just my opinion and doesn’t really matter) I think she was too young on making the decision of getting plastic surgery. If you are going to say she is a teenager, I don’t think her mindset was fully developed to make a choice so pernament. After all the surgeries, she still seems really insecure. It is hard to grow up in the spotlight but changing yourself to the point where you loose who you are is not the right way to go. Somethings Kendal say is really valid. It is a reality tv show and people want to see who they really are so isnt kendall being honest a good thing?

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