Logan Paul Says Even He Deserves a Second Chance | TMZ

Logan Paul says he's learned a lot from the backlash he received, and money he's lost, since posting video of a suicide victim — and believes he'll bounce back … eventually.


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  1. I know people that has done worst things than Logan and still doesn’t get as much hate as him. People annoying asf on me.😒

    • Tamia Cowthorn he definitely has changed a lot since the backlash happened. 100 bucks says he is headed to aspen colorado for Jake’s 21st.

    • That’s what happens when you get bashed for other people claiming you did something wrong when you never did. Logan Paul is the best. He never made a mistake with what he did. Logang for life. People keep hating on him thinking that he’s this monster but he’s the nicest guy ever, and that’s facts. Just stop trying to make him out like a villain, you can’t stop the Logang. Click my name and watch the video on why he’s totally innocent. I made that one myself.

    • NotSlick no he fucked up showing a suicide victim on camera and uploading it. That is wrong and disgusting and shouldn’t be defended. However he is still young and dumb. He has learned from his mistake and hopefully has grown from it.

  2. Um…. how would you react if someone said to you
    Someone: do you forgive yourself?
    Me: …..😐……
    Someone: do you think you deserve a second chance??
    Me: dude this is kinda akward ya know
    Someone: *puts vid on youtube with a dramatic title*
    Someone: HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY???
    Me: …….
    Some of these quastions are just to much okay!

    • proof that logan paul following is part of a larger stupid white people movement that is wrong with the culture of white people, when even this reporter offended some random white lol

    • What annoys me is the dumb public falling for this fake dead body suicide. Matty Debunks exposed it ages ago and the police there said it was “a staged prank”, their words, I even put their statements into my playlist for those that asked. What i’m saying is this whole thing was staged yet the dumb idiot public fell for another staged prank yet again. Stop falling for these fake youtube videos ffs

    • Die loser Jk but i want you to die for this comment okay sorry But i want logan die already and jake paul too

  3. Why are people trying to get info out of him when he clearly just wants to figure everything out. News and social media websites are just making everything so public. If you want to talk to him do it without a camera. Because if this happened to someone who wasn’t major like logan, I bet they wouldn’t bother to interview or talk to them about the situation. We love logan. Logan for life.❤✌

  4. He is directly like do you deserve a second chance? Do you think you should be forgiven? Like WTF


  5. Hi Logan.
    Ich think you weren’t traded fairly, because everyone is making mistakes. Of course it was a big one, but the punishment was bigger. And yes obviously you deserve a second chance. 😉
    – Me, 17, from Germany

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