Lori Loughlin & Her Husband Say They Didn’t Know About College Bribery Scandal | TMZ TV

Lori Loughlin and her husband had no idea college bribery mastermind Rick Singer was going to grease the palm of a USC coach to get their daughter into USC … sources familiar with the case tell TMZ.


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    • I have said that,it’s Sorta crazy, this story getting real dumb fast,they knew something was illgeal,but trying to diffuse the public opinion, when after all that was put in front of them they choose to egnore,and now they are claiming that,They are worrying about what the college scam history has done too their legacy of themselves?? Really, still not one word about hurting anyone else, is there high speed internet running slow??

    • +Crank I. T. C. Paranormal Special ghost person my God . you have understood everything 100%. if only everyone could be like you

  1. I didn’t know my money was going to the purchase drugs… I thought he was gonna cut my grass. (I know nothing I see nothing) the stupid defense…. Let’s see how this goes… Wish me luck lol

    • I was trying to say something like that,. Seriously, held at gunpoint for a warrant! Right and told what it was for,and nothing registered?? except How dare they pop up on the response,that was a really crazy acting attempt to throw off the prosecutor s and the Court’s,yep I wonder if they bought it?

  2. BIG FAT thumbs down for excuses and pathetic defense made for these “entitled” criminals.  There’s a big light shining on these cockroaches and too bad the light got a hold of them – but it happens.  We the public now see through you.  Felicity Huffman did the honorable and decent thing by coming clean.  I will watch her shows and movies but anything with loughlin and gianulli  belongs in the toilet.  And that’s *LOCK* lin as in LOCK her up!

    • Exactly why so long? I think that her arrogrance got her at first and then contocted a story! Because that makes no sense!

  3. Too much acting make Lori stupid after all at least Olivia love what she do best is you tube until Lori drag her down with her

    • Exactly, you pay someone half a million, you know EXACTLY what the money was for

  4. Yeah, they’re playing dumb. Stupidity has never been a viable defense for the underprivileged. So greedy elites deserve no different. Prison for all who violate the law.

  5. TMZ, your bias shows, and as Shakespeare understood, when you obsess about something, you have something to hide.

  6. They. Wanted their kids to have an good education but why did they have to break the law

  7. Lori being Ignorant, good luck with that. There is better chance Lori can buy the juries.

  8. They say they wanted a good education for the girls. Uhhh…. why didnt they jst study???
    No they wanted to be able to brag to their friends that their kds went to USC thats all.

  9. She’s playing victim now. They are ignorant & playing dumb. Not really playing.

  10. Highly deceitful- faking that your daughters rowed when they didn’t… give it a break!

    You guys broke the law and should own up to it.

  11. more hollywood trash – will she still get face lifts in prison and use of the pool !!!

  12. Delusional!! Not because they didn’t know but because they got caught!!

    Let some one with no money give a college $1000 to a university they will be in jail for bribery for 10 years

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