‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Star: I’ll Turn Myself in for Brawl | TMZ

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Rodney Lazell Shaw says he's willing to surrender to cops for his role in a brawl with a fellow co-star, but he makes it clear — he's the real victim.


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'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Star: I'll Turn Myself in for Brawl | TMZ



  1. He come across like he wanted to turn up for TV and Pop off of being a stylist and he went too far.

    • Melanin Monroe D.Q. I think there was some kind of heat prior to them being on the show and it escalated once both were put in the same room for a check.

    • Zell been styling since season 2 RHOA with Nene etc, he actually works with lots of celebrities, rappers, singers as he stated on Hollywood unlocked with Jason Lee.

  2. He calmed down and man’d up…He talking like Mona dine fired him. If she did, that’s a BAD move..LOVE YOU SWAG BAAABY

    • I would love to know your opinions after watching the reunion? What he does was evil. He acted like he wanted to make peace and give ray a hug but violently attacked him. They both had nasty words to say to each other throughout the season. But to be this low down and dirty to Ray is just plain evil.

    • Alisha C He Was Dead Wrong For It All. I Always Said Zell Swag Acts Like A Middle Schooler In A Adult Body.

    • No he’s talking like he has a pending court case! πŸ˜‚ Faking like u squashed beef with somebody so that they can put their guard down & u can attack is weak. If he did get fired it will be deserved Bcuz he’s become a liability. But I could see y she would keep him on as well!

  3. Maybe next time he goes on t.v. he won’t act like a wild stray cat every time they say action. I don’t feel bad for him he seemed cool at first but he showed he is 2 faced. A friend of my enemy will never be my friend. So him and his new friend SKY can both go find something to do since they both got walking papers from LHHH

    • +Alma Kelly she didn’t invite Mr Ray. The producers did thank you.Dont u know how these shows work? That’s why she had that what the f are u doing here look. He came to apologize to her because she threw both of them out of her product launch party for acting fools. And Mr.Ray just started talking and Zell ran up like a fool. So at the end of it all they all are too old to be so messy

  4. He did all that for camera time now your the victim you turned on all your friends for more camera time the moment you saw Ray was on the show first time filmimg with him you turned up you heard Milan was returning which was a lie so you picked a fight with him for a storyline like you did all that now you have a warrant the cast turned on you no one wants to film with you and you tarnished your brand

    • Keep dreaming! Masika and Moniece will ALWAYS have a spot on LHH because their clapback game is lethal! Zell Swag tried to suddenly change “sides” with Alexxis because he felt like Alexxis was getting the “more popular” one and more interesting one! Did he bet wrong, not only did the whole cast turn against him but nobody wants to film with him! How are you gonna be on a reality show if everyone refuses to film with you?!

  5. Never heard of this dude before he came on the show. I guess he’s a stylist? I always wondered why people need someone else to pick their outfits. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. When you physically assault someone first you need to be prepared for the consequences !! #Period

  7. That’s life baby. If you fought everyone that opened their mouth to say a bad word about you you’ll spend your whole life fighting. One thing I had to remind myself I can not stress over the opinions of others cause it does not pay my bills and I don’t benefit off of bad vibes.

    • PrettySuccessful yasssss you said it then opinions don’t pay bills nor do they help u get money if people would l learn to focus on w hats in front of them they would get further in life

  8. he’s funny but WAAAYYYY to fake. ppl use the word “bully” way to freely. nobody “bullied” him. you literally talked about the way ray looks on the show 24/7 constantly fat shaming

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