Pete Davidson Kicks Out Heckler Over Tasteless Mac Miller Death Joke

TMZ has the audio of Pete Davidson skillfully handling a heckler who tried to jab at the comedian's personal life by yelling out Mac Miller's name at a highly inappropriate time.


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  1. Wasn’t he the same dude who joked about all those Ariana grande fans dying from that terrorist attack orrr…?????

    • Simon okay I meant to say some people I had an interaction with someone who was at the concert and she said she wasn’t offended but the crazy thing is why bring it up and talk about it MONTHS and MONTHS later and it happened awhile ago if you had a problem with it why didn’t you say something then that doesn’t make any sense. Not trying to come at you or anything I’m just saying that just sounds crazy to me also if him and her had a conversation about it and she got over it and said what she said and everybody was asking for her opinion and she said what she said why are we still talking about it till this day it is Many other things way worse going on the world and we steady bringing up something that didn’t mean any harm. That’s just what I have to say

  2. See that’s why I say jokes are cool as long as it doesn’t reflect someone’s harsh reality…


    • *HE* sounds drunk? Says the guy who’s literally typing like my bedridden grandma. How DARE a comic be a real person, right?? Also oh lord your name is Adolf……. it’s too much man

  4. Tasteless is only in the eye of the offended…a comedian that’s offended that’s hilarious

  5. He saw the impact of macs death first hand by watching his fiancé grieve and ultimately end their relationship. Yeah comedians are supposed to make light of bad situations with humor, but when youre that close to the situation it’s impossible to not be offended. Plus it’s his show so he can do whatever he wants, idiot YouTube keyboard warriors haha

    • Nicholas so what about people who died at Ariana’s concert and he made a joke about them or how about people who lost people on 9/11 and he makes jokes of his dad dying, or what about at the roast where he made fun of Paul walkers death. Please go sit down, your opinion is invalid here.

    • +cali life wait you have 0 videos your a troll whi probably lives in utah 😭😭😭😭😭😋🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  6. Absolute clown this guy.
    I mean Pete, I hate this guy more and more everytime I hear about him.

  7. OK I have questions..

    Was this necessary? Honestly to me the guy sounded like he was asking a question if anything? And also I’m confused because this is the same guy who jokes on things like the bombing on Ariana’s concert to his own dad on 9/11 ( something I’ve always respected him for) he even jokes about that politician loosing an eye in war…so the fact he threw this guy out is really confusing to me

    • Somebody up above said it best. Macs death affected him so much. Caused him to lose the love of his life, he was a normal kid basically, engaged to Ariana Grande of all people then had that taken away from him. No matter how invincible or thick skinned you think you are, you’re not. Even Achilles had a weak spot.

    • +Tyler Dunn I hear you. I just have a hard time believing that Macs death would have more trauma to him then losing his own father tho??

    • +Adrien Villela he lost his dad when he was 7, he says in his special “SMD” he wasn’t really aware of what happened. And we all have demons as young adults so I’m sure Macs death and the broke off engagement didn’t help his any.

  8. Pete Davidson looks like Jon Cryer! The only reason he is popular is because he on SNL otherwise no woman alive give him a second look, he is goofy looking and looks like a skinny nerd. I always thought Kate Beckinsale was a classy lady, her career is only making Low rated vampire movies. At least have some dignity on who you date. Some loser comedian!!

    • Goofy can be cute. He’s not goofy… He looks like a perverted raccoon. His eyes look like a mineral/vit deficiency from the third world.

  9. What a crybaby! Dishes it out left and right and the cry’s like a little baby when he doesn’t get his way WAaaa

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