Prince Harry’s Family Blindsided by Meghan Markle’s Dad Deciding to Bail on Wedding | TMZ

Kensington Palace was caught flatfooted by TMZ's story that Meghan Markle's dad will not walk his daughter down the aisle … because we found out the palace had made elaborate plans for him. Harvey and Sean break down the Royal news.


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    • Harvey need to come up for air and let his ppl talk. He cuts in too much for me. He’s cool though. Used to enjoy seeing him on HLN before CNN started hacking off my FAV programs.

  1. I hope he goes. He seems genuine but that’s something you don’t want to miss. Pray his chest pain goes away too.

  2. He should go! Walk your daughter down the isle! You only get one opportunity to do so and one life! Be there on your daughter’s happy day! (And yes, yes, yes, I know that she was married before but to my knowledge, she’s only marrying Prince Harry once. Hopefully, this will be her last marriage and a happy one for them both. I still believe that her father should be there to support his beloved daughter and to calm her nerves. If I had a huge ceremony like that, I’d want my father to be right by my side.)

    • It´s all a farce and her dad knows it. After all he´s worked in the entertainment business and he knows acting when he sees one.

    • jackeline pereda rojas I know but to my knowledge, she’s only marrying Prince Harry one time. 😉 Regardless of her past marital status and the general public’s opinion of her father, I still think that he should be there to walk her down the isle. The hell what people think, you know? That’s his daughter and he should be there to calm her nerves and support her.

    • Robbin Perry, Then if he went, died on the plane or inside the fake wedding on T.V. then WHAT?
      NO reputable Cardiologist would release that man to fly or travel overseas while on newly prescribed blood thinners and heart meds.

  3. Wow, ok so the sister is trying to get her 15 seconds of fame and this only made things look worse on her dad. I feel bad for him honestly and he should still go to the wedding for his daughter is marrying Prince Harry and it’s not like this happens every day so he needs to go and savor the moment and be selfless and think of his daughter for it’s her big day!!

    • C Pack she thinks it makes her look like Meghan. Lol. Old jealous cow. She is not going to let the media attention go. This will go on for ever. Jealous jealous.

    • Why aren’t you asking the question of why the family doesn’t have a harmonious relationship. Everyone is responsible for this mess and the sad part is the Royals are already bending over backwards to compensate for it. MM asked Charles to walk her down the aisle and he agreed. But that will not stop this circus. There’s much more to come. Soon tje Royal family will grow tired of this.

    • SaraSmile I’m sure he was devastated that even if he had gone the paps would have focused on the dad. He wants ALL THE ATTENTION to be focused on the happy couple where it should be. The step sister really is rotten!

  4. Meghan and her Dad will always be good….that sister is another story….Harry is strong and he will be able to get her thru this….along with her mum…

    • sandy k exactly oprah doesn’t even have an official show anymore it’s just her network. She sometimes does sit down interviews but that’s rare. Most of her channels airtime is dedicated to the other shows.

  5. Great job . Sean is that your name? It is nice seeing you guy’s put nice stuff like that out for the father. In I’ll bet you guys made his day. If not year. GREAT JOB!!

  6. He should just go! No body will remember any of this later, but he will remember not being at his daughter’s wedding!

    • I wish that people would show respect for this man. He is a hard working loving father. He is this woman’s father. Show respect. This man has achieved some amazing things in his life time. Hollywood has photos of this man in his prime. Awards ceremonies!!!!! What is the big deal about these photos. Seriously Royal family. Get over it. Respect your father in law. He raised the amazing woman that Harry is going to marry..

    • Kim Cissell He did not raise Megan, only mother and grandparents raised Megan.

  7. I agree with that statement; the dad is getting a bad rap, and it is a shame the sister and brother are trying to sabotage Magans wedding.

    • Mary Walker MM wanted her mom to walk her down the aisle, remember ??? She did not want to even invite her dad, remember??? The Queen overrode that and insisted the father be invited AND walk her down the aisle. She, Megan, is the one behind all this and now they are saying her mom will step in and save the day by walking her down the aisle…Megan ALWAYS gets her way!

    • +Mary C that’s a lie. Provide the article that said she wanted her mother to walk her down the aisle. If she didn”t want her father to have the honor why have his name printed in the program, make arrangements for his clothing at Saville Row, and arrange for him to be there a week before to meet and mingle with then future in-laws. They aren’t saying anything. Evidently in Pork Chop’s absence, Harry has asked his dad to walk Meghan down the aisle. Prince Charles was happy to do and was definitely a step up. Samantha wanted to ruin Meghan’s wedding out of hate and jealousy.

  8. Meghan’s family is acting out, it sounds like jealousy.
    This has to be so embarrassing for her, and Harry.

    • Vinnie Blair yes hopefully her good mothers family will be sitting at the left of church . They won’t be there either . Maybe am wrong but if there not there the groupies will say she’s not close to them . She’s close to the spice girls & beckhams & strangers . Imagine not meeting PH & this man would have been pushed in front of queen with not etiquette lessons . Please folks am a Brit & trust me a wouldn’t know etiquette with BRF apart from can’t say toilet or rest room to you yanks it’s ladies room . You can’t turn your back on queen either . MM had a build up like other future royals this guy fired right in & he’s a yank . So he’s at a disadvantage to us Brits & a will guarantee not one of us Brits could sit with them either . There way way way out there . It would be like throwing Daniel to the lions only it’s pa markle & royals . Do you honestly believe them royal wouldn’t be looking down on him with exception of PH & PW that’s because of Diana .

    • Caroline Lees They know he’s an old man, probably set in his ways. Pa Markle only has to walk his daughter down the Isle, but he’s embarrassed. One thing that gets me is why did he contact tmz intead of keeping it private between him and Meghan?

    • Janet H who knows but am no fan of MM but the dad might av needed suit shoes plane tickets etc etc. He’s not saying anything about her . A hope he can make it as my heart is sad for pa markle .

    • Vinnie Blair they’ve hated her for years. Samantha(the sister) has a daughter that came out and said her mother is motivated by jealousy and that’s she’s hated Meghan for years. Why would you invite someone who hates you to your wedding. Even if your family it doesn’t matter you don’t need that kind of negativity on your special day.

  9. Please respect Mr Markle’s privacy . Well done TMZ for putting the record straight . Don’t give Samantha coverage then

    • Golightly Boho Lmao this gossiping group setting the record straight lol

    • Tammy Wines their tone is better than other tabloids , believe it or not they appear to be genuinely concerned for Mr Markle .

    • Finally someone has set the record straight…this is a very shy man manipulated by a hateful daughter who doesn’t care about her own children. She used her dad who is now regretting not going to his baby’s wedding. I’m sure there has been wonderful conversations between father and daughter that the public is not privy to at this point. This is her father whom she loves. Stop supporting hate, people.

  10. This is really like the Cinderella story…jealous sister and so called brother.

  11. Samantha Markle is just a hater that can’t stand the fact that her half sister is living her best life, happy and in love!

  12. This whole situation reminds me of Cinderella and we all know the outcome of that story. Stay strong Meghan b/c evil never wins.

    • SWEET DARCY. Exactly. They didn’t regard her when she was little and treated her and her mother like they were the servants telling their friends her mother was the maid instead of their stepmom

    • SWEET DARCY u r cmnting every where this I notice, look dnt try to make Megan Cinderella bcoz she is not even close to

    • Lakmini Nisansala I know… Smh… lol… I’ve had a lot of downtime this week at work… & I used Cinderella in reference to her evil step siblings…

    • What was the end of the story? She married the prince and then what? I can’t believe you’re falling for that Disney crap. Lol

  13. I still think the dad should go. No one cares about the photos. The step sister is clearly the devil. Just ignore her. The royals would love the have you at the wedding and so would the public. Just go Mr Markle!

  14. Give her dad a break 😉 Thank you Harvey for clearing this wishes to Meghan & Harry..

  15. WoW! TMZ you won me over for doing this, presenting the truth and journalism as its best!

    • They are STiLL VULTURES trying to save face!!! Still better than insulting Piers Morgan…… SHAME ON THE MEDiA for AACEELERATiG anything this family has been suffering.

    • They caused him a heart attack and then blamed him for not notifying them he was having a heart attack and all about her feelings only. A parent feels crazed with this ghosting and thinking is this like a cult or what. Imagine snubbing your entire family.

  16. He doesn’t have to feel embarrassed 😩 He didn’t do it maliciously. He wanted good pictures. What is the big deal?

    • Yes he does. He’s acting. It’s not real. It’s tacky and fake and MM does exactly the same thing.

    • Betsy, the big deal is the pictures were staged and he got paid alot of money doing so. I’m not saying he did anything wrong by taking picture’s but the fact that he got money for it was wrong.

    • cubomania3 Meghan didn’t get rid of her dogs. The vet said the older dog was too old for the trip and he was afraid the dog wouldn’t make the trip alive, so he is staying with her friends in Toronto. These are the same folks that usually watch both dogs when she has to be out of town. The trip to Canada she just took and no one seemed to know where she was? She was visiting him in Canada. She also calls him once a week. The other one, Guy, is with her, he was much younger.

      Now about her father, she and Harry kept trying to get him to come to England. She told him that he didn’t even need to pack, that she would provide everything he needs and he said no. He said he had stuff to do first and that was that. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Harry even had one of his military buddies that was going to fly over and pick Thomas Sr up, that was when he told his ride that he wouldn’t be going and that he was having some pains in his chest. He told Thomas Sr that he would pass the information on and hung up. I don’t know where the gentleman called from, for all I know it could have been the airport in Mexico. I have yet to hear that he had a heart attack from anyone but the three Markels. I heard that he didn’t, that’s why I’m saying if someone else has heard from say a nurse or doctor that actually treated him, that would be great.

      Doria went to see Oprah, but she didn’t sell anything. She told Oprah that everything had to be approved by The Queen. I guess she got mad because Her Majesty said no. Doria wasn’t going to do it for money anyway, money never came up in conversation. Anyway, Doria knows that all that has to go through the palace. God Bless

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