Marlon Wayans Says It’s Not Too Soon for Louis C.K. to Come Back | TMZ

Marlon Wayans has a simple response to Louis C.K. easing back into the comedy scene after admitting to sexual misconduct less than a year ago … good.


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    • Watch the movie requiem for a dream he’s in it, totally different for him but majorly serious

  1. It’s not too soon for him to come back! Trump never left and he grabbed them by the🐱

    • +Luke W you can’t use one chicken head that accused Harvey Weinstein to dismiss the whole me-too movement there were a lot of prominent female movie stars that came forward and it was a no benefit of them to come forward except to expose what they had experienced

    • When will the ones that benefited from Harvey Weinstein, like Gweneth Paltrow, come forward. Angelina Jolie only came out against Weinstein once he was finished and she no longer needed his help to make millions of dollars. Don’t be a fool and study more about human nature.

    • +Luke W okay dude I give up you win the argument! There is no way to make you realize that it’s not okay for a (man or woman) in a position of power to take advantage of somebody that’s under them! This is bigger than politics! Bigger than the entertainment world this goes on in the workplace where a boss pushes his self on a employee and they deal with it because they don’t want to lose their job! You probably think there is no such thing as bullying!🤔

    • LMFAO!!! He’s deff the one that should be ostrasized from society for sure and that’s the least of what he’s done wrong!

  2. So we gon demonize ck for his mistakes but forgive oj for killing people.. just because he wasn’t convicted . What a world we live in lmao

    • I dont think anyone has forgiven OJ. Everyone hates him! Don’t get me wrong I think Louis should be forgiven, but this is a bad comparison.

    • Convicted for what? Asking consent to jerk off in front of women? Why do you think that there isn’t a lawsuit.

  3. Marlon theme song. Marlon marlon Marlon marlon marlon marlon marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon Marlon MARLON!!

  4. The man did nothing wrong or even anything as serious as the other people accused. Those women could have walked out. Let the man live

  5. Marlon is an old school MAN speaking his mind, and not afraid to do so! Not like the powder puffs of today emasculated by fem-nazis.

  6. On Twitter there are women saying that he’s a “sexual predator” and should be banned for life, even though the dude asked for consent and didn’t even touch anyone.

    • The woman on twitter who engaged Michael Ian black in some back and forth was the craziest thing I’ve read and I follow trump. That girl was accusing others of harassment for engaging her in debate but she doesn’t see her own actions in that light. You can’t have a discussion with a person like that which in my eyes makes that persons point of view the least legitimate.

    • Being a woman, I say, yea… what he did was wrong, but as you stated, he asked for consent. One of the women that talked about her exp with him said that she told him no, he blushed and got all awkward and admitted he had a problem. I see no issue with him coming back. I enjoy his comedy… ALTHOUGH… A rape whistle joke after everything, that was kind of foul. He shouldn’t have gone there.

    • Ricky Woodson, I had a woman attack me for being ok with Louis CK coming back and her bio said she thought “kindness is strength” yet she showed me none… and I’m a liberal. We have all kinds on all sides. I think he messed up, but he didn’t rape anyone. He should definitely apologize and get help, but he shouldn’t have his career killed for making a mistake.

  7. Glad to hear it, i love Louis CK standup and i hope he has a great “come back” lol

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