Danny Trejo Calls Out Harvey Levin | TMZ TV

Taco Bout Busy


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  1. Aye, trejo got “them hands”, he’ll box! in prison he was champion.

    Meet the guy for lunch 😂

  2. Too bad he doesn’t open anything in the city of Pacoima where he’s from🤔💅

    • It would be ideal if everyone could return to their hometown and make a difference. Unfortunately, the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt” is a thing for a reason. Some can’t return due to “haters”, or even people who hold grudges for trivial things. People trying to bring u down due to jealousy, crazy family members and friends, u name it. It’s also the same reason companies bring in outside people instead of promoting from within. No one respects the new “boss” bc he/she was once one of them, and will always be seen as such. Even Jesus was not well received in his own hometown. A shame, but true.😞. When people “know” u, they feel comfortable disrespecting u, demanding things, jealousy creeps in, etc. Not worth it. Help ur family out, then flee while u still have your sanity and safety intact.

    • +57RollsRoycePhantom I guess you’re kind of right he shows up at the Christmas parade we have here in Pacoima every December have a blessed day

    • +Deena Bee I guess you’re right in some parts but I think his son is his manager and he does have family working for him and here in the city of Pacoima no one hates him you should see how proud of him everybody is there’s even a mural for him here have a blessed day

    • lisa avalos Didn’t know they have a mural to honor him. (However, that doesn’t mean everyone love him, though). But I see from your other comment that he does come to the Christmas parade every year??? If he comes to the city every year he must feel pretty comfortable there. Enough people like and accept him enough that he feels safe to participate in the parade. So yeah, I see your point.

    • He must donate to the city a lot. Murals/art pieces. Plus I run into a few times a year, so he must stay in the valley or close to it. I’ve seen dude at target, Starbucks, brunch (literally at Mykes cafe in pac) parades, elementary schools (murals), he for real shows up around here.

  3. @00:57 😂😂 Akward silence, Priceless moment…
    Love You TMZ💚

  4. No offense to Danny but no way in hell I am paying $5 for a damn taco.. i’ll go to my local supermarket, purchase all the ingredients, and make my own. FOR 1/3 of the price. Love your movies though rock on dude M/

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