Matisyahu — Drake Can’t Compare to My Jewiness | TMZ

Matisyahu Torah Drake apart yesterday in L.A. — telling TMZ, Drake may technically be Jewish … but he doesn't REPRESENT.

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Matisyahu — Drake Can't Compare to My Jewiness | TMZ


  1. They are both jewish for crying out loud!!!! Drake represents a different generation than matisyahu!!!

  2. I love how Matisyahu explained everything but I believe him to be a better m.c than Drake any day! Just because you have a positive message doesn’t means your rhymes aren’t hip-hop, his barely are anyway.

  3. Not hating just stating that he is not utilizing his G_d Given talent to for G_d’s Glory or to minister and teach G_d’s ways.

  4. See how these kind of comments get to the top! But for some strange reason, Drake songs keep getting publicity and high rankings? I wonnnnnnnnder why 😉 😉

  5. Is that true? Please post link of your allegations. Shouldn’t be to hard, if true… Maybe you should stop lying.

  6. One it is in the blood, the other a choice? Either way i thing God acknowledge both who desire to be closer to him. Matis lives his truth. Drake is stuck in lower chakra of survival and lust.

  7. Matisyahu needs to see this video again now,he has some things to learn from his old Matisyahu
    “ישמעו אזניך מה שפיך מדבר”

    • lidlnutz
      in hope it’s just from curiosity:
      Matis is talking about himself representing Judaism in his songs and looks,and Drake is just the artist who happens to be Jewish but he doesn’t represent Judaism. Ever-since that video, Matis hasn’t been writing songs about his Judaism.Moreover,he changed his looks and left the way of Judaism in a way that doesn’t represent judaism anymore.So I think he needs to learn from the Matis in the video the beautiful things that he said about his roots and culture in hope that he may come back to that way.
      The sentence in hebrew that I wrote means “let your ears hear what your mouth is sayin'” is an old hebrew sentence said by Avraham ,directed to Matis from me.

    • Oh, I understand what you are saying. (and thanks for the translation.) I agree, he sent powerful messages in his writings. I just didn’t know there was a change really. Thanks for the honest response. Piece brother!

    • Why? He clearly explained in some interviews that he has been evolving all his life. That he has taken a slightly different outlook on life, that mostly looks so different on the outside.
      Why shouldn’t people change? Just because he decided that this way of living wasn’t right for him anymore, doesn’t mean he doesn’t still believe… Sometimes we can learn more of God by going through some things and we’re different after a while. But still just as firmly in God’s hand!

  8. How stupid is this?! They ask him what he thinks of Drake and he says he thinks Drake is great, different and even better than him in certain areas. Then they ask him to comment on Drake’s Judaism and he just states a the fact that Drake doesn’t represent Judaism in his work. There is nothing wrong with that!!! Matisyahu didn’t insult anyone, he just explained some facts and how he feels about his own work.
    Why are so many people in the comments so butt-hurt? And why does TMZ always try to make elephants out of mosquito’s?

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