Mayor Pete Buttigieg Knows Trump Will Get Homophobic

Mayor Pete Buttigieg isn't fooling himself … Donald Trump will target him with homophobic remarks as the 2020 Presidential campaign heats up.


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  1. Forrest Trump.

    Life is like a box of chocolates!!

  2. Lol omg this guy is literally running on nothing but i’m gay vote for me so we can have a first gay president…

    • +Felony Strutter who is running JUST because they are black…. waiting on zero fact based response

    • +Garrison Peel the smart half that believes he was going to build a useless & that he was going to release his taxes. & all the other lies he told. Ya ok. Well if you don’t teach your kids to accept others then that’s all you. A good hearted person well teach their kids to accept others how they are. Teaching to be uncomfortable is confusing them. Your the problem.

    • +Nick Hall didn’t I say to educate yourself on the policy. Obviously I’m about policies & how that person is. See all the good he has done as a mayor.

  3. TMZ and CNN are both fake news. Good thing no one watches TMZ, they only average like 3k views per a video these days

  4. 😆 This guy…….
    Trump 2020! I’m looking forward to this election. This will be very entertaining.

  5. Elizabeth Little Foot
    Big MOUTH 20/20👈😄🇺🇸
    (Sponsored by)

  6. Let’s be honest trumps made some huge memes during his presidency that about it 😂

  7. Lol tmz predicting the future get real trump 2020 landslide 👌🤣🇺🇸🤣👌🤣🇺🇸🤣🤣👌🤣👏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Haruglory131 ❣️❤️❣️🇺🇸👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 TRUMP 2020 ❤️🇺🇸👌👌👌

  8. What a bunch of idiots. They’re hoping this election will be about racism and homophobia 😂🤣😂🤣
    These clowns have no clue what the voters want. It’s okay though, because Trump knows exactly what the voters want and it’s going to get him reelected in 2020

    • Based on what? He has no policies, he’s a little child trying to get a reaction

  9. No this is what he needs to happen……..Otherwise people will catch on to the fact that he is far left and he will get about as many votes nationally as a free sample of the clap. Of course though once he does inevitably lose (for being far left) it will be because he is gay and “America is still too homophobic” and not ready to elect an openly gay hamster. Meaning that of course America is still a “Land of hate.” Deftly dodging the reality of his ACTUAL policies and why they suck……No pun intended. No one cares if you are gay short round but we most definitely do need to sit down with certain members of the gay community and ask them about their hetrophobia. Why exactly they reach for the guns and oppression card at the mere sight of a straight person that does not share in their group think hive mind. I am calling you bigots out.

    • One of his policies is that he wants to put military men in dresses. Another policy is that he says it should be mandatory that every man make out with another man at least once in their life just to be sure they know they arnt gay.

  10. Mayor Pete has policy proposals that are not going to be presented in a one-minute video clip. Watch any of his media interviews that are 30 mins or longer.
    He has many common sense ones concerning putting Medicare for All on the ACA, a brilliant idea for depoliticizing the Supreme Court (rather than packing it as some have suggested) and creating a national service program for everyone to serve our country.

    Pete Buttigieg served out country honorably in Afghanistan.
    Donald Trump cowardly faked a disability to get out of serving our country,

    Pete has integrity.
    Trump doesn’t know the meaning of the word; and probably can’t spell it either.

    • Never heard of him until now… After reading your comment I will look into this guy… Thanks… He seems super smart…

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