Mayor Pete Buttigieg Talks Kim K, President Trump, & More on TMZ Live (Full Interview)

The South Bend Mayor and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate came on TMZ live to talk about his campaign, the college admissions scandal, and how celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Meek Mill are shaping the discussion around prison reform. Mayor Pete also showcases his musical talents after we kinda put him on the spot by handing him a guitar.


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    • yes politics need to be everywhere in case you haven’t noticed the world is still falling apart and politics is a part of trying to hold it together!

    • +angry brit nothing wrong with being Gay unless of course you have your own insecurities about who you are!

    • +Chris White I think politics is what’s tearing it apart. Anti gay marriage and immigration, now Hillary and Obama are for it. What Republicans attack the Democrats over is the same things have done and are being hypocrites. Politics is a big part of what’s wrong.

    • +Chad Morton the people we choose to lead us politically can indeed ruin our politics which is why we must choose carefully.

    • +Chris White That’s kind of the problem at times. The majority of time it comes down to who people feel is the lesser of 2 evils. Trump is attacked all day every day. I feel many things are made up. But also he is a egotistical blowhard that always wants all the attention on him. The other hand was Hillary and the Clintons are the most corrupt people I’ve witnessed. They should have went to jail before leaving Arkansas. Then ties with Russia and stole millions from Haiti relief. You know Trump has had shady business deals and I guarantee had backroom deals with mafia to get things built in NYC. The other was Bernie and I can’t afford to have 50% of my check come out in taxes. It’s hard enough to pay bills now with a handicapped daughter with two therapies one week and 3 the next week. The DNC and RNC put what candidate they want in front of us. I used to be heavy into politics but I can’t stomach it anymore. Pelosi and waters and nutbags, Republican leaders always point the finger but can’t see their own faults in the mirror. I dislike it all.

  1. You know its good. Pete is good. Just like them greens. Pete and greens. When you think greens, think Pete Buttigieg.

  2. He needs to get in touch with Joe Rogan. I’m sure Joe would love to have him on the show and Pete would gain an enormous amount of followers, both young and old, considering how wide ranging Rogan’s audience is.

  3. I envy his husband Chastin… I wish one day I will be married to a guy who is calm, humble, soft spoken and hold values and faith… coz I am crazy! I need someone to slow me down…. xD

    • do you want a father,God,or a man once you figure that out you’ll have slowed down all on your own and you’ll no longer be “crazy”!

    • Why? If TMZ wanted to reach out and talk to the first openly gay presidential candidate and he and his team said yes as a way to get his message to a wider audience how is that bad.

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