• +Plane Jane in part yes. The circumstances of his case and his fame and the way his fame was weponized against our corrupt system.

    • +Plane Jane no…the dirty cops that arrested him that previously lied to the FBI on a polygraph but the prosecutor did not divulge that info to defendants and who arrested Hundred’s of people who are currently either released or in the process of being released but yet a bitter hateful judge still wants to keep him locked up helped bring it to the forefront. So thank that dirty cop along with others on the police that the FOP and cop groupies defend regardless of that fact that they make all the boys in blue look bad and makes the job harder for them

  1. Love seeing black people like this so white nationalist and other haters get mad 😂

  2. Meek Mill could have dressed up for this appearance🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Want to be taken serious!???? His sweat suit is perfect for this award because his movement is partly based on it… it’s people who dress like that who are being harassed jailed and killed for nothing by the system! You ever seen a unarmed man in the suit killed on camera an get swept under a rug!??

  4. What a joke…criminal justice reform is just a bunch of criminals not wanting to pay for their crimes

  5. What is he wearing? Kid in the yellow suit looks more ready than he does. Sheesh.

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