Melissa’s First Meet Up With Khloé Gets Emotional | Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian | E!

On "Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian," Melissa explains where she is at in her career that is bringing her down. Hear Khloe's advice for her.


About Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian:
In “Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian”, participants will get the opportunity to reinvent themselves from the inside out with the help of Khloé and some of the best fitness and nutrition experts in the world. Whether these men and women have been dumped, are trying to mend relationships, or facing any of life’s other tough challenges, Khloé – who has overcome her own body issues – is there to help. With the help of Khloé’s elite celebrity trainers, stylists, and glam squads, participants work hard to transform their bodies to be best versions of themselves. The results display a significant change for each participant, leading to a final reveal to the world and confront with those who doubted them.

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Melissa's First Meet Up With Khloé Gets Emotional | Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian | E!


  1. Ok, Khloe is sounding repeat, she likes to sound like she can relate, lies people tell😏

    • liz Lopez any girl can relate to not always feeling the prettiest even the really pretty ones or do u not think she’s human do u think of her as an object or robot?

    • liz Lopez khloe is not lying I’ve heard girl’s say Kim look better& some people even said khloe look like a transgender but to me khloe is beautiful even before the upgrade

    • True, i hear ya, it is because how can you keep relevant in a show if you can’t somehow relate, however keep in mind It is a show and ratings are important, its best to watch or hear from Youtubers that are relevant and share on their everyday reality

    • She actually can relate… everybody on social media and blogs used to come st Khloe and say she’s the ugly duckling.

  2. I love how Khloe is able to sympathise and be sensitive to every story, such a sweet girl! 🙂

  3. How foolish is this woman, I mean she do know Khloe got that body and make-over at her plastic surgeon’s office?!

  4. I think she’s so beautiful. Like honestly if she dropped like 40 lbs she would be hot.

  5. You know what’s really saddening ? It’s the fact that it hurts her that much that people don’t appreciate her looks. I mean, that much just because people don’t find her actractive… It really show what society is about. Not blaming her, She’s just a product of that society.

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