Michael Avenatti Vows Nike Exec Will End Up in Handcuffs | TMZ

Michael Avenatti was loaded for bear Wednesday night, proclaiming his innocence in the extortion case, proclaiming that the R. Kelly case would be unaffected by the extortion case and proclaiming it's only a matter of time before top Nike execs would be led away in handcuffs.


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  1. This guy is going to prison. Bank fraud has nothing to do with Nike. Why didnt TMZ challenge him on that? He also stole millions from a client.

  2. The lamestrem media has been promoting him as a voice you should listen to, that tells you everything you need to know.

  3. Hey it’s The Creepy Woman Beating Porn Lawyer who is broke, will be disbarred and then will rot in Prison. Hey Creepy, don’t fall for the old “pick up the soap” trick that Bubba’s going to spring on you.

  4. Creepy doesn’t realize that 99% of America thinks that college players should be paid. Creepy is the definition of “Dead Man Walking”.

  5. He talks a good talk doesn’t he? But it’s all hot air he’s desperate now nothing left to lose and all to fight for 💯😤🙃🤔

  6. I believe him! Corruption rules this world. If u dont go along….u will be slaughtered. For it has been written by the King of Kings!

  7. I’m just gonna keep watching this with a laughter as the time comes when they arrest him for his extortion

  8. NIKE has to be extremely guilty of something to pull this off, the complete internet silence on Avenatti after the arrest is more then telling. Not one network is interviewing him WHY???? I can’t find anything on the internet except TMZ which is starting to look more like news then any other news network. FOX CNN seem to be on the same page with this one exposing the full reach of NIKE to make that happen- these networks only focus on what they are paid to focus on and are ORDERED what to ignore and NIKE is something they are all PAID to ignore – WHY???

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