Rose McGowan Talks to a Man on the Street About Abuse | CITIZEN ROSE | E!

On "CITIZEN ROSE," the artist/activist takes to the streets to share her powerful message with a man about abuse.

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“CITIZEN ROSE” is McGowan's world: the art, the #ROSEARMY, her special punk brand of activism and the music she makes to heal. By going up against the Hollywood machine, McGowan has shown true courage in the face of adversity and this three-part documentary will take you behind-the-scenes of her tumultuous and fascinating life.

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Rose McGowan Talks to a Man on the Street About Abuse | CITIZEN ROSE | E!


  1. This was very nice to see, two individuals having a conversation truthfully and respectfully.

  2. A Witch and a Whitelighter make a baby and name it Paige. The baby grows up and becomes Charmed

  3. This part of her documentary was incredibly moving. He was so lovely to her and eager to learn

    • Awe! I wanna see it. This was a lovely interaction. How was the rest of the film? While I think she’s amazing and super sharp, she does seem slightly unhinged. If so, I get it. I just wonder if this is slightly self serving or ego based. The intensity’s intense lol.

    • cassl14 we’re not used to seeing women be this confident. I saw sometime tweet that regarding her documentary and I immediately got it. If you watch you, you think a lot of things. She’s powerful. She’s hurt. She’s a victim. She’s a survivor. She has a big ego. And it’s wonderful to see people listen to her finally. Her documentary has another episode in april. So I can’t wait to see more

    • True, she’s a powerhouse. I like how you put it. People are many things not just all good or all bad. I’m gonna check it out today 🙂

  4. All the enablers, it is more then what meets the eye. Weinstein is just a pig fatten for the slaughter (distraction/etc)

    • the rest airs in spring according to what i have read. excellent doc, i recommend

  5. Rose McGowan truly is crazy and I think this is going to be her new obsession.

  6. Who is that dude I’ve seen him in other videos with various stars also why does he look like Warren moon

  7. Sad really.
    After all her generalised anti-male hatred and dysfunctional manipulation she turns out to be a squeeky little midget in Noddy character.

  8. It’s getting really hard to distinguish between victims and opportunist. All these hashtags and movements seem to bring out so many of both that it actually hurts more than it helps. The Kavanaugh hearing was a real eye opener. We are creating a culture of professional victimhood and manufactured outrage that’s dangerous. Logic and reason have gone out the window.

  9. She used her body to gain fame and wealth. Now she’s singing a different tune.

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