Michael Jackson Letter Thanking Security for ‘Being a Father’ Hits Auction | TMZ TV

What Michael Jackson couldn't get from Joe Jackson, he got from one of his bodyguards instead … according to a letter written by the King of Pop.


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    • @Yesmean You call molesting children having a pure soul? You’re disgusting.

    • +Telios Abraxas how do you know he did that?? Do you have any kind of proof or just saying on the basis of that stupid documentary ??

    • +Raghav Kavimandan
      He’s your typical gullible guy who believes everything that the media says.

  1. Not to be mean or anything but Michael Jackson’s father looks scary AF. He looks as though he carries a bunch of switches in his back pocket.

    • He molested his daughters and beat his sons pretty much nonstop so there’s that.

    • He always reminded me of the villain from the movie The Mask when he had the mask on

    • Joe Jackson was the man who created MJ. Held sex parties for his brothers and himself in the same room on the travel. So I read.

    • +chuckiethemonkey91
      Oh my gosh lol. He wasn’t caught saying MJ never touched him. The vast, vast majority of childhood sexual abuse victims do not speak out for decades, many even deny it in court. There is tremendous shame, embarrassment, confusion, guilt and trauma involved that unfortunately keeps victims silent for far too long. This is even more so true when it is same sex molestation. So the fact that these men denied it at one point in their life, is actually right on par with what would be expected of a victim of this caliber.
      If you believe deny abuse should exonerate pedophiles, you basically are agreeing to let 99% of pedophiles out of jail.

    • +angelita ange

      Evidence found by the FBI and police investigation:
      -Childrens fingerprints on a porn stash MJ kept. That is a very common first step in the pedophile grooming process.
      -Jordan drew markings MJ had on his penis that could only be seen when errect.
      -MJs maid testifies that she saw him showering with little boys.
      -MJ himself admitted to sleeping ALONE with little boys as young as 7.

      If those facts were about a poor gas station attendant who liked to sleep with little boys, would you defend them?

    • +Prank Girl
      FBI was checking on MJ and they found nothing. These accusers are liars. They keep changing their stories. Jordan even said the accusation was all a lie.

    • +Vee
      You are telling me that If I leave my children at your house, you violate them???????????




    • +Scubagxd no lol , he beat the case , he did not have sex with kids wtf

    • +ALEJANDRO ANGEL No he didn’t beat all the cases..he also paid one of the child accusers “Over” 20 million dollars..that dosen’t sound like and innocent man idiot..Michael Jackson is a pedophile..he ADMITTED that it’s ok for little boys to be in bed with him..boys that he had NO family relationship with..and that’s “WRONG”..If you don’t think so..then take your son to your neighbors bed..and leave him there with your neighbor..see if you still think its ok…idiot

    • Spurs 5150 He didn’t pay the families and I wish you bozos would stop saying that.Michael settles the case because he didn’t want an ongoing case and it was getting out of hand.He also settled because at the time they needed to promote dangerous.I wish you haters would give another excuse except for how he “paid off the families”.And when I corner you with facts don’t get mad at me.

    • +ILoveMichaelJackson ! And AGAIN this is a 40 something year old MAN that ADMITTED theres nothing wrong with sleeping with little boys (never girls..notice how ALL his accusers are boys)..and AGAIN if you think it’s ok for a GROWN MAN with no type of family relationship to you..to be in bed with your son..then your just as sick

    • Spurs 5150 Your actually the sick one.Of you really think sexual when you hear something like that your more a pedo then he was in your eyes.Conversation over because you clearly have no clue what your talking about

  3. What kind of person takes a very touching personal letter given to them and sells it?

    That’s like someone pawning off a love letter from someone they supposedly really cared about.

    I guess money is worth more than interpersonal relationships these days.

    If anything, you would think it would’ve been a family member with no personal attachments to the letter who would’ve put the letter up for auction “AFTER” the relative who it actually belonged to had passed away.

    I guess that would’ve taken too much character though.

    • Everything about Michael Jackson deserves to be use to gain money, according to some individual who knew him.

    • viewer 1 I’m not surprised… leaving Neverland proves the people around MJ would do anything for monetary gain

    • I guess now that there is no pay roll in place they are selling what was given to them from Michael, not true friends huh.

  4. Michael Jackson was/ is Iconic in everything he did. No one like him ever again. I love Mike❤

  5. All the Jackson kids openly admit the only time Joe paid any attention to them was to beat or molest them.

    • simply because it would generate more money after death to which it has.

  6. It’s actually really sad to hear Michael talk about his abuse in a thank you letter 🙃

  7. Well it sucks that this man is doing the same as joe and is going to profit from mj.

  8. not muting my PYT, smooth criminal, beat it, remember the times, and billie jean at ALLL

  9. Wow he sent his securities letters like THIS????? He’s molesting his securities!!! They should sue him for millions and make a mockumentary telling their stories!

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