1. There is certainly no shortage of self-righteousness in people’s comments. So many living in glass houses sitting on high and mighty on their pedestals and deciding when it’s acceptable for a person’s privacy to be violated based on their body type, their looks, the clothes they wear and/or their political affiliation. It’s shameful how small the American people have become with all their petty b.s.

  2. I don’t care if she was the president of the United States, everyone should be treated the same.

  3. I doubt they could find them look how long it took them to find members of lulzsec and anonymous.

  4. WE are not screwed because it aint my money , code or non of those b.s
    nerher i wont get some of it .

  5. You say they are going from the bottom up… Does that mean they started with the O’s?

  6. mandiant and all those cyber warriors can’t protect the first lady…wow great american tech minds….

  7. maybe the white house should hire more asians for their cyber security…mabye than it would work……

  8. They just awoke Satan’s wife (Michele) Wonder how they feel when the tables are turned when we spy on them. Join Anonymous

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