Drake Puts Tyga on Blast For Relationship with Underage Kylie Jenner | TMZ

Drake has made it clear … he's at war with Tyga … calling out the 25-year-old very publicly for dating 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.

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Drake Puts Tyga on Blast For Relationship with Underage Kylie Jenner | TMZ



  1. Tyga should take the L move on… He’s no where near drakes level of fame and power.

    No roast can hit drake as hard as drake just got Tyga. You know he got him really mad when he has to bring up the chris brown beef lol.

  2. Drake could breathe on a track and it would be a 1000X bigger hit than anything Tyga has ever made

  3. drake shouldnt be the one saying this. it should be kylies parents! where are they when their daughter is getting fcked by an adult.

    • +MADISON PROVENCHER No but everyone talking about her like she is. She’s almost 18 and perfectly capable of making her own decisions. She’s not a fraking child!

    • +Cesar Garcia Actually she’s 18. This only applied when she was 17. Also let me remind you this post is 7 months old.

    • +Cesar Garcia nobody is arguing about it but you. I have no problem with tyga and her. stop picking fights.

  4. Drake wins, he took it to the mic like rappers should do. Tyga took it to twitter like a teenage chick…

  5. Why didn’t Khloe make comments to Drake about his verse? Lol did she think Amber was gonna ignore her 😂

  6. Chris Hansen: “Why don’t you have a seat right over there”
    Tyga sits
    CH: “Find the place alright?”
    Tyga nods
    CH: “What are you doing here?”
    T: “I came to hang out out”
    CH “Came to hang out with who?”
    T: “…Kylie”
    CH: “And how old did Kylie say she was?
    T: “Eighteen”
    CH: “Eighteen? …Wanna try again?”
    T: “Seventeen. But I swear I wasn’t going to do anything.”
    CH: “You know, I have the transcripts.

  7. one mixtape or album Drake drops outshine’s Tyga’s whole career.  and Tyga a punk for putting Brown into it.  handle ya own dirty work bruh

  8. drake the type to steal from a convenience store and then give it back because he felt guilty

    • Or not!! He is right and Tyga should not be dating a child!! Everyone should have something to say about this!! Its sad Kyle is acting like a young thot!

    • +Sharese Hall please be quite ok… Kylie is 18 now and Tyga is 24 so there is a 6 year difference, and by the way he said it multiple times that he is not dating her she is just a friend and he knows her family.

    • +Sharese Hall Please be quiet?? Seriously cause who do you think you are?? I’m going to run my mouth just like you!! Difference is I am logical, not sure about you? That’s why him and her went to Europe together, but he is just a friend of the family!! What are you defending him for?? You’re the one who needs to sit down and be quiet before you further embarrass yourself !!

  9. drake is a cool 100 pound bigger and is like 4 inches bigger than that lil boy tyga drake will give one quick cross and he’s dead

  10. “Act your age and not your girls age” … “Is that a world tour or your girls tour?” LMAO I’m seeing a pattern.

  11. All in all, Tyga is kinda lame to me.
    1. His albums barely even charted while all 3 of Drake’s went Platinum (his second album went Double-Platinum).
    2. Tyga always brings up Chris Brown, as if that’s Tyga’s bodyguard. I highly doubt Tyga could fight. Canadian or not, I’d bet more on Drake in a fight than Tyga.
    3. Tyga’s only famous by association really. Drake is famous solo.

  12. Tyga Started It And Drake Finished It And Put Tyga In Place Yall Didnt Hear A Peep From Tyga Nomo Didnt Yall?😊💯

  13. “Don’t fight, it’s black history month”. LOL…but, next month, they can shoot each other ?

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