Brawl on Hollywood Walk of Fame on Donald Trump’s Star

There were intense protests Thursday night on the Hollywood Walk of Fame … specifically next to Donald Trump's star.


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    • That white guy is lucky to have left alive…you can tell the Latino dudes didn’t wanna hurt him because of the media coverage. You can’t gang up on Mexicans like that…he must have been on drugs. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My respects to him though.

    • Brandon Walls you’re just mad because your mother is also your sister inbred hick

  1. That dude with the long hair was giving everybody a beat down that got close. The anger present in people just because Trump is president is unreal……

    • gil rodriguez soto it’s not about race, that’s the biggest propaganda they fed you. RACE! You got fooled, read up on the policy. I made America work for me and Trump is the man!!!

    • Dian Reyes As a black american, it says in the bible that you should have respect for your people, that’t is what god said, You don’t have to like them but you still need to love them, even your enemies

    • Ralph I’m no fan of trump myself, but if that’s the way she feels about her own political views or opinions, that is her right to do so, just like you have the right to disagree with her. Everyone in this nation is free to have they’re own beliefs whether they agree or disagree, but its never okay to resort to violent actions, violence won’t get us nowhere in life, only love & respect will.

  2. *Ramdom dude:* Stooop!! hes a Marine…

    *Me (in the crowd) who has nothing to do with the fight:* hold my beer… i want to see whats up against a Marine.

  3. I thought the left were compassionate. They always seem so angry at life 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Jamoi if you claim ignorance(uneducated), then i guess its you, regardless of race.

    • Because he is just another piece of trash rolling around in filth. People like that you just walk around like dirty diaper. Don’t touch it. You don’t know where it’s been

    • we live in a society where every other race can say the N word and it be acceptable unless your white

    • These Illegals are proof of Human Devolution.

      Time for God to release Yellowstone on the West-Coast.

  4. As a Hispanic, from LEGAL Mexican immigrant parents. This guy is ghetto TRASH. Just TRASH. I support the marine and whoever went there in peaceful protest.

    • Mike thanks m8 we need more public voices from the TRUE collaborative immigrants who are Americans.

    • God damm so many ignorant ideologically inferior nopalettes jumping , look, the situation is complex with quite a bit of grey, but if mexico wasnt a fucking corrupt dangerous shithole your parents would nevrr had to leave it

    • Mike as a Hispanic who’s parents were made to flee from Central America because America forced and supplied a Civil War and supported dictators and right wing death squad who comes from the ghetto I say that’s the dumbest statement I ever heard you can be rich and fortunate and still be trash honestly I rather not choose a side because both sides are fucking crazy only a fool would side with one or the other. Rather just step back and live my American life by minding my own business life how the US shoulda been doing instead of making other countries fight eachother.

  5. liberals creating violence once again…. ugh when we will people realize the ideology of the left Creates a hateful environment that promotes this kind of behavior

    • Maga mass shooter
      Charlotte ville murders
      What peace you hypocrite slithering snake

    • Ruddish. The people who make this website are there to prove a fight. Wait long enough and some drunk idiot will take the bait. Don’t smear the left with this stupid propaganda tactic right out of hitless playbook.

  6. If it was the other way around the world media would be all over this saying how violent and dangerous trump supporters are.

    • Lavalambtron
      You mean like the ones who threw punches at his rallies before the 2016 election?

    • Like when in Charlottesville. Trump supporter run over a young girl because of hate. Trump supporter are violent. Its on both sides. But who really started it first Trump supporters ( or should I say white conservatives). Goes back into time. So whose really the violent ones?

  7. The guy with the pony tail was attacked by like 20 people and stood his ground well. The three men that incited the riot should be arrested and need to be doxed. The main person that incited the violence has an Instagram called TheRealSnakeBoy1, but has since deleted it. These thugs need to be behind bars where they belong. Come on internet.

  8. Dude, I need a Marine to protect me when I’m filming just like that Marine did! Capitalize the word ” Marine”! He was a bad@$$!

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