More Targeted Bomb Threats, Nancy Pelosi Unfazed | TMZ Newsroom Today

Celebs and politicians continue to be targeted by possible mail bombs. We spoke to Nancy Pelosi who explains that she's used to these kind of threats. Also, we spoke to Dan Abrams who says that people shouldn't jump to any conspiracy theories when it comes to these bomb threats.


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    • Ahaha exactly, no one is really making these bomb threats. She’s belittling those Republicans who actually do get bomb & death threats. As we know the only people who get attacked are conservative groups.

    • Its was Santa Clause….he obviously didn’t wanted to make extra stops for Christmas.

  1. I think their setting it themselves to have a reason for their “aggressive laws” they want to bring about…

  2. This is the work of CNN or an organized democratic group using this as a scare tactic and they being the victim will make it look like it’s the work of Republicans did it, that’s my opinion

    • ROCKET MAN SMH I’m not stopping anyone from believing what they want I shared what I think and you had time to comment on it you guys are the ignorant ones lol

    • +Jaii Von Wait what?!? ..I was simply agreeing with you. I guess you can’t take compliment neither SMH😒

    • ROCKET MAN i never meant to click on you name was just trying to add another comment sorry bout that

  3. Pls find out if the YouTube family Ace family had their home broken into few months ago! They said TMZ came then left when they say police! Pls expose them

  4. I’m sire that will happen for Georgia. I had thought their was a black lady in office! But we only had black female Mayor. And alot of curuption in the atl !!

  5. And why didn’t any of these “devices” go off??? They are calling it bombings?!?!?! Attempted bombings that is, and that right there leads me to believe it was a leftist due to the major fail

  6. Nancy Pelosi is unfazed cause she knows its a false flag and even a investigating FBI agent said theres evidence to support that….

  7. The police should start their investigation in these comment sections, lots of aggressive bomby types… *Amirite?*

  8. Please, put the subtitle in your videos. I’m Brazilian. Am learning english. Thanks 🙂

  9. Kids are not like the old day, put him in jail for crashing the car. His old man was in need.

    Kidding , doorknob for real…

  10. So many delusional people out there willing to believe anything their cult leader tells them.

  11. Right winger arguments are the adult equivalent of a child that keeps saying “I know you are, but what am I?”

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