Selena Gomez Sydney, Sun and Scars? | TMZ TV

Selena Gomez put on a bikini and hopped on a boat in Sydney Harbor over the weekend, and you can clearly see some of the scarring from her kidney transplant.


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  1. Yoo and they keeep going. I actually like tTMZ but they are super disrespectfull,,,

  2. Selena isn’t 17 like these skinny instagram models . She’s 25 she’s a WOMAN😉

  3. For someone with no plastic surgery, those boobs are amazing. Not a bad booty either.

    • It seems likely that she’s at least had implants. Selena has all the right to get plastic surgery and not feel ashamed about it, but at the same time, young girls shouldn’t believe that these celebs are all natural and that perfect bodies are so common

    • Booty flat like tortilla, sorry. No way compare to the real Selena’s booty or black women’s booty.
      Boobs are okay, mostly saggy and normal. Props for her not going for plastic.

  4. It’s kinda funny how she’s featured in a lot of commercials where she looks about 10-15lbs lighter. Stop photoshopping people.

    • Jesus Castaneda When you hire a person for commercials you call them the model, regardless of their profession

    • She loses like 30lbs before doing those things. Thats why she looks chunky here because she deprives herself so much, when she finally eats the food she wants, she cant control herself, she eats so much thus this 30lbs weight gain

    • norma creation That’s just sad. It’s not like she’s obese or anything, she looks good and healthy.

  5. This is, kids, why you go to school. So you dont end up working this disgusting, inhumane job of discussing physical appearance of someone who nearly lost their life recently.

    • They work this job because people like you click on it to spread your hate about people making a living.

  6. I think she’s pretty. Chubby, Scars or whatever nobody’s perfect. Do you Selena, forget all the critics..

  7. TMZ must be one the most embarrassing job,,,,,,,,,,,, creeping around celebrity pictures

    • Yep.
      I have 4 scars, two on each side of my chest cause I had Pectus Excavatum. I was born with my chest indented and it got worse overtime when doctors said I would grow out of it. I didn’t, it constantly got worse. So I was told I had to get surgery because if I didn’t i would have a lot of heart complications and such in my 20s. I had to get two metal bars put in my chest to push out my chest and keep em in for a few years. I always hated going to the beach or pool growing up because of my indented chest, always see people starring. Now its still not perfect but its better and i have scars

  8. This was a Waste of Time. Tmz Body Shaming . She looks Great for recently having surgery . Why show us pics of her scars . That was not necessary. My appendix ruptured when I was 21 Have never worn a bikini ever since . Glad to see she’s confident with her body . She looks awesome! No fake body . I guess TMZ is running out of things to talk about

  9. She got good meat in the right places, not skinny or in super shape
    Just good health delicious body, with meat in the right places! Instead of boney girls that think they are the last Coca Cola in the desert

  10. omg leave her alone. she is absolutely gorgeous so can y’all just mind your own god damn business

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