NBA YoungBoy & Crew Reportedly Shot at Near Trump Beach Resort | TMZ

NBA YoungBoy and his crew were reportedly on the receiving end of bullets on Mother's Day outside the Trump Beach Resort near Miami … and at least one person was killed.


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    • +willy5847 Didn’t delete it out of embarrassment. I was just being kind. Obviously I misunderstood, so I might as well own up to my mistake. So I deleted my comment. What else should I do lol

    • Not to mention letting him perform in front of thousands after an attempt on his life is even more reckless. Miami is all about the money I guess.

    • +P shut up!, they’re obviously sitting there looking at the commotion not even trying to drive to safety. You’ll probably see the video from their phones next.

    • I was looking for this comment. I was thinking, “Am I the only one seeing this sh*t.” They definitely need some re-education.

  1. The victim’s mum is gonna have to remember this every Mother’s Day.

  2. GTAV Playstation®5# Miami Vice Story Mode 🅾nline
    GREETINGS from Croatia 🇭🇷, LOL 😂

    • It’s free they don’t pay for everything. Sometimes it’s public access. Every vlogger is using those video they captured.

    • +fork at the end of the road i just assumed that they paid for it since they did watermark it. but I hear you on “they don’t pay every time”.

    • +TRAPPER TV honestly they DO pay often and deserve credit for being the first to upload rare images. I definitely gotta give credit where it’s do!!

  3. “Damn theres always somebody trying too prove they can still take your life.”

    • “Damn there is always some idiot begging to get shot.”
      And there is always idiots like you and others on this thread talking about “why would you shoot this celebrity” as if they’re god, but when an unknown youngster gets shot and killed in the street its “just another day.” 😂
      The ignorance is real with you people. Yes I said “you people.” Lets do this!

  4. Promote gangster lifestyle in your music, live that thug life and it will end in 3 places.
    1. The hospital
    2. Prison
    3. The morgue

  5. please ask why he was allowed on stage after this? (pending investigation or not) Miami police put people in danger allowing him to perform. There could have easily been other people targeting him attending the concert. Very very reckless.

  6. Alright. I haven’t watched the whole video yet, as I have a major concern regarding the cops’ tactical procedures. They’re approaching their suspects and are USING OCCUPIED VEHICLES FOR COVER. That’s problematic to say the least.

    • Knew this since I had a conscience, they ain’t here to protect and serve, they’re here to take people away for a paycheck. That’s all.

    • +FF5754 And what’s your analogy for Chicago? They seem worse and you can’t blame it on other racial groups.

    • +Sarah Stewart I don’t know anything about Chicago. What does race have to do with anything? I live right here in Florida and see this crap like in this video all the time.

  7. I need an app that tells me when theres a rapper near my area so I can avoid going near them, rappers attract these kinds of things unfortunately, I hope the suspects are captured that no innocents are dead or injured and that these rappers event can be relocated far away from this very rich area.

  8. welp wen u think u can go anywhere thinking u tough asf and nobody will touch u think again

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