Kristaps Porzingis Left with Bloody Face After Fight in Latvia | TMZ Sports

This video appears to capture the aftermath of the fight … which almost wasn't over if Kristaps would have had his way. You can see him — again bleeding and with a torn shirt — being held back by a woman at first, who he shoves aside.


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  1. Porzingis sounds like a disease. “Im sorry i have to tell you your son has porzingis of the liver, we must operate.”

    • he got beer cup in the face, i think. this is classic local plot, some famous guy got home in the bar, all chicks get jumping ob him, local guys went nuts and there you have it. and yes, no alcohol and drugs was consumed.

    • He been taking a lot of L’s lately. A sexual assault accusation now this smh

    • Wouldn’t be surprised. A couple of smooth body shots from a dude packing enough weight and he’ll be keeling over. Glad to see him get his wig split, the Knicks were smart to get rid of this soft mf who gets the crap beat out of him by random club dudes and shoves women to the ground.

    • Like 3 midgets on each others shoulders, like a mega zord from power rangers.

    • Report is… it WAS a group of disgruntled Knicks fans from Russia that attacked him. He is the one who asked to be traded and essentially forced the trade. Obviously, attacking him for that is absolutely insane but ya that’s what is currently being reported.

    • +Trigg Clark You actually believe that? it’s 100% more likely he went after someone’s girl and some guy cheap shotted him.

  2. it look like he got jumped and hit with a bottle lol. cant chill in your home town.

  3. The assailants were wearing what looked to be orange and blue jerseys with matching fitted hats and Timberland boots . πŸ˜‚

  4. There’s absolutely no context to this and none of you mental midgets commenting negativity have a clue of what happened.

    • Drunk Russians jumped on him while in the club. Apparently over him being traded to Mavericks. In short, not only the Knicks is a terrible organization, the fans are full of Russian mob too.

    • He been taking a lot of L’s lately. A sexual assault accusation now this smh

  5. Idk what’s more shocking somebody reaching his face enough times to make him bleed or TMZ having someone on the scene in Latvia

    • Tmz gets stuffed sent in to them by people…then they review it to see if it’s some Bs…then put it out…how u think they got 69 ordering a hit on somebody?

    • Manny Manhattan Music no they are not knick fans they are idiots. He got traded! He never demanded it either. One day they will suffer for their ignorance. When a person gets traded its not up to them.

    • Melvin Hernandez knicks front office told us he essentially demanded the trade

    • Manny Manhattan Music you think the knicks organization is going to tell the truth? They suck lol, they trying to swift the blame to Prozingis. And even if he did demand it, why wouldnt he the knicks are trash. And If you are a knicks fan I feel bad for you. I went down that road and every year they managed to make things worse.

    • Mavericks now , good riddens i say as a knicks fan, his brother is was too full of himself as his agent, porzingis will always be injury prone, if he ever plays again that is, go robinson!

  6. Dam they did him dirty. Hopefully he learns to stay out of them clubs. Lots of jealous and envious people probably scheming on him

  7. TMZ Trying to take credit for the video even though it was filmed by a passer by in LATVIA

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