Ne-Yo Says R. Kelly Allegations Are Worse Than Michael Jackson’s | TMZ

Ne-Yo doesn't think allegations against R. Kelly are comparable to allegations against Michael Jackson — they're worse.


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    • +Will Cannon that’s an ignorant statement. Are you aware of how many guilty people there are in just 1 U.S city that have never been convicted?

    • Damn I would hate to hear someone SAY he killed someone because he would just get a sentence without proof. 🙄

  1. I’m not a Ne-Yo fan let me just comment that!!! They all know what’s going on in Hollyweird The parents of those young ladies knew about R. Kelly allegations but still trusted and gave him their daughters!!!

    • Shantel Goggins so, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be charged. If I take custody of stolen property that someone gave to me, it’s just as bad as me stealing it myself.

    • Shantel Goggins he did in fact steal in this instance because what he contracted for was illegal. You can’t have sex with minors no matter who makes an agreement with you saying you can.

  2. I never believed this about Michael Jackson. Even one of his accusers came out and said he didn’t abuse him. 😍😎

    • MJ probably was innocent but he probably shouldn’t have been friends with children even though he meant well. That just brings to way too much negative attention when you do that.

    • Dats a paddlin nothing you can do about bruh the man was dmg mentally so no one would never understand, of course you wouldn’t hang out with little kids why would you search for that fulfilling innocent that you never experienced? We all ain’t have it that bad, all I can say is the world literally bullied this man to death, even I once made fun of him because of the allegations back in middle school smh.

    • Bobby Oddly Clearly he was but I’m just saying someone should have got him some help then. It’s over and done with now. RIP

  3. The difference R- Kelly did it , Michael was setup because they couldn’t get him on anything else so they use the onething Michael care about against him children .

    • Michael did it to ….thats why he paid the money !!! just you guys are Michael fans like these sick people are RKelly fans!!!

    • Fredrick Garrett Sr his label went behind his back and paid the family so he could go on the world tour they where paying for bro. Not my opinion. Facts 💯

    • Jay Money how can you be so loud and wrong. That was a tabloid made up story. The authority that went to Michael’s house and searched it, already debunked this lie and said they didn’t find child pornography. How about you all do actual research by rewarding court and FBI filed instead of notoriously unreliable sources. The accuser already came out and said he lied and that his father would abuse him in order to say those things about Michael. And there’s a recorded conversation between the accusers father and step father talking about how they’re gonna extort Michael.

  4. A real man. Admitting his mistakes and being truthful to what is right and what is wrong 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • a real man would have never turned the other way in the first place. he only speaking out now that everyone else did. but if they didn’t, would he be calling out R Kelly?

    • +Luiggii Love facts. Especially when he forced his baby mama to be a carpet muncher and forced her to get her tubes tied up

    • Melissamonique Didn’t Ne-Yo make his ex wife or girlfriend get her tubes tide so she couldn’t have kids with someone else?

  5. Ne Yo speaking up and out. That’s enough said in less than 2 min. Great job Ne-Yo👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  6. I agree what R. Kelly did with them young girls, is way worse than the Michael Jackson allegations. But at the same time, I feel Ne-Yo is still sour about being kicked off the tour with Kellz.

    • He got fired off the tour in 07 that much is true. However, he got fired for having what a critic thought was a more enjoyable portion of the show and R. Kelly’s ego couldn’t handle it.

    • I’m sure Neyo is over that by now. He has had his own successful tours since then. R.Kelly would actually be begging to go on tour with Neyo at this point 🤣🤣😂

    • You are aware that R. Kelly married a 15yr. old child and than did sexual explicit things with a 14yr. old child and pissed on her right?
      With all his settlements out of court you don’t think that other parents were paid off as well?

    • +Miss 007 we know about the Aaliyah thing and the sextape which was dismissed in the court of law. That’s old news. But the sex cult / sex slave is complete bullshit and alot of them hoes in my own opinion is lying on him. The truth is slowly coming out

    • +Miss 007 I keep hearing people bring up marriage meaning legal law-abiding state is behind him and the parents are behind it also you should be mad at the state to allow people to get married at 14 like Alabama and 16 like Georgia with parents consent 17 without so what does marriage have to do with that evil or bad or is he a bad guy for doing some lawful just because you don’t like it you can disagree you can call it evil but is lawful

    • +cheatham custom it was not lawful which is why they forged her age.. Having sex with a minor makes him a pedophile

    • +cheatham custom instead of listening to what you heard, look into it and you will find that R. Kelly had his assistant forage documents to state that Aaliyah was 18 without her parents knowledge. I hope you are willing to use this much energy to support and defend a pedophile if they victimize someone in your family as well..

  7. Fools always putting Michael Jackson name in some mess!!Let him RIP and stop using his name in comparison with other mess!!!!💯💯💯

  8. Unfortunately, the R. Kelly saga will have a domino affect on the industry. The Sundance Festival is set to release a sexual assault documentary on Michael Jackson. Hos family is trying to block it. The sad part is, Michael’s not here to defend himself.

    • I agree! But what makes it even more sadder is the fact that those were just allegations, nothing was proven! and even some of the alleged victims came out later saying that it didn’t happen.

    • Actually MJ did a interview where he incriminated himself he paid money to keep it on the hush with 3 families it’s a fact

  9. Stop comparing MJ to Rkelly. The police faked evidence against MJ and he was facing more that 100 years in prison.

    Yet he was found not guilty of every single fabricated allegation brought towards him.

    • Topaz fire I agree but only if the facts are there, MJ has nothin to do with this since it’s been proven that his allegations were fabricated, we literally bullied that weird man to death.

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