The Grace Helbig Show | Exclusive: Crazy 1st Day on Set of “The Grace Helbig Show”! | E!

YouTuber Grace Helbig takes you behind the scenes of the wild prep for her new TV show! Catch "The Grace Helbig Show" Fridays at 10:30|9:30c on E!

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The Grace Helbig Show | Exclusive: Crazy 1st Day on Set of "The Grace Helbig Show"! | E!


  1. I’ll always remember grace like … Cutting her own bangs and stuff … God they grow up so fast … Remember us when you’re famous(er) 😭😭😭 Love, a random stranger who’s been here since 2011

  2. HANNAH! how dare u! she just made me laugh so hard! and her hair looks so good!
    yes children always put an exclamation point behind every single sentence!

  3. i was watching this video when my mom walked in and she screamed: “is that the girl from Camp Takota ?? That was an awesome movie. She’s so funny !”
    I felt like a proud parent when I answered back and said: “Yeah, she’s got her own show on E! now !”


  4. Did Hannah’s segment get cut out? I keep seeing behind the scenes footage….. Confused.

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