New R. Kelly Sex Tape To Be Turned Over to Prosecutors by Avenatti | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Prosecutors are about to get another sex tape in the R. Kelly case, and sources tell us it is even more shocking than the most recent one. Also, Terrence Howard had a complete meltdown on the set of "Empire" after Jussie Smollett was arrested for allegedly staging his "attack."


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    • He’ll most likely attempt to use his money to get out of it like he’s been doing all these years.

    • +Joe King He broke af. Spent it all on the silence of his slaves and lawyers. Drugs too.

    • Charrise Johnson He’s gonna kill hisself or s’body is going to make it look like one

  1. Fake news. That mugshot has the same background as Jussie smollet. They went to the same photo shoot. This is all fake news.

    • That’s the way the cook county jail pictures are taken, and as someone who has been booked in the jail twice before, years ago, (don’t judge) that’s definitely a cook county jail mugshot…

    • Beyunkaa J
      Believe everything Hollywood puts out if you must. Blanket is micheal Jackson’s biological son. Magic Johnson has AIDS, etc….. you can believe HOLLYWOOD if you must

    • Yep. and to think some people still stand behind him. makes you think just who they are behind closed doors 🤔 same sick minded fucks.

    • Rough Sleeper or because they never knew about his affairs and supported his music, can’t doubt it but his music is wonderful.

  2. It’s the remix to ignition , send R Kelly to prison

    He been touchin’ these girls and he ain’t got no permission

    • These girls is so god damn young
      He’s like so what I’m drunk

      You should be in freaking prison Kelly
      Cause what you’re doing is wrong

  3. Mind blowing i bet he gets life in prison…scoot over Bill Cosby RKelly is coming to share your cell..

  4. Why would Jessie write the real reason for the check? And again, 2 AM with your unprofessional “trainers”….yeah ok buttboy

    The reason RKelly walks is because the age cant be determined. Thanks artificial hormones and groupies for making America what is always wished it could be.

    Jordan drunkness…. wow that’s news now? Should unsubscribe that that alone.

  5. Ok what was is suppose to write umm hate hoax on the line and 3500 oh please stop trying to help him he said they were white there not

  6. Let us not forget… Avenatii is a predator as well or has everyone forgotten about the accusations against him💅💅💅

  7. I hope you white folks keep the same energy with Weinstein, Spacey, Woody Allen, Stephen Collins etc!!!

  8. I only have one question…. after all these years how come all these sex tapes are just now showing up? I believe he is a predator though.

    • Kamikaze Kid Money has ran out. Whoever has had these tapes all these years need to be locked up beside him!

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