Newt Ginrich Says Trump Haters Deserve Bombs | TMZ TV

Yeah, Newt. Not a good look bud.


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    • Thomas h chill i dont like people him either but he’s just a old man people should at least be able to live or have the right to express their opinion

    • Exactly! I haaaate this guy, but what TMZ just did with this title is legit ILLEGAL! He never said that word-for-word and can actually sue for it!

    • +Danielle Carter, no, he did not “literally” say that. At least learn definitions.

    • Amen and it wasn’t like this in the 1980’s and 90’s and since 1981 to 1993, Reagan and George H.W. Bush was Presidents at that time.

  1. So what happens when these people are elected out of office? Democrats have increased registration by 75 percent… Will they call us all a mob and consider democratic elections unconstitutional if they don’t go there way?

  2. It’s funny how republicans scream fake news when trump give them fake news everyday and they believe him lmao

  3. TMZ should be ashamed on how you title these YouTube videos. I hope on day someone sue yall for it’s worth to operate.

    • Ha ha ha got those panties in a bunch?
      did it lad? Ready to swing wer you? …. Yeah me too. Harvy leven is a lawer one day he might slip.

  4. If the tables were turned would newt be ok with it? If the Dems encouraged violence would the republicans be ok with it? We’re so divided right now… future looks scary… 🤭

  5. After so many years in existence humans haven’t grasp the value of life …beyond sad


  7. TMZ… Good job!

    But, stop with the sarcasm and snarky narrative. Pull your balls out and say it: the Right is batshit crazy and violent.

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