NIck Cannon Talks Kanye’s Mental “Fatigue” and Rap Battling Will Smith | The Red Pill

Nick Cannon joins Van in an electric edition of The Red Pill covering the life and works of Cannon, why Atlanta has become THE place to be in entertainment, the difference between mental health and mental fatigue and what we need to do about voting in America.


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  1. Nick Cannon, when are we ever going to get the rest of those episodes from season 11 aired? The Mikey Day and DC Young Fly episodes have never aired and I went to both of those tapings!

  2. When one person doesn’t agree like sheep there not mentally healthy hmmm I would have 2 assume that those who judge one’s life over opinions would make that person not mentally healthy sheep dems trump 2020

    • Chuck Davis Donald Trump is a racist moron and he is exploiting kanye for his celebrity. In the last meeting with Trump Kanye and his ramblings have made it clear he is mentally unstable. Trump doesn’t care about Kanye, Trump still refers to people that look like me as “the blacks.” Trump cares about Trump but Kanye is too mentally unstable to realize that.

  3. Not surprised at all to read so much hate in the comments…Keep up the great work Nick!!

  4. These trolls in the comments are miserable. He has the privilege to use platforms to voice his opinion. If you don’t like him don’t click on anything with his name attached. Which is pretty hard because he’s everywhere 😎

    • Dominique Speaks I agree I never understood why people go to something just to hate on the person just pure stupidity lbs

  5. 1:10:25
    This is 🔑💡🔆
    Thank you Nick Cannon, for saying what I’ve been thinking. There’s a difference between predators and someone who made a mistake in a moment of weakness. Do you throw them away forever because of one little mistake. Or do you get them some help?

  6. Dope interview, it’s kool to see developing into a LEADER!! But I gotta say, I’ve lived in Atlanta for over thirty years, I’ve done very well, I really LOVE Atlanta, however, “Don’t Believe The Hype” about all the “Black Mecca” talk! Unfortunately, Atlanta is a STILL “Tale Of Two Cities”, the haves and have nots, is REAL, Atlanta is #1 in income INEQUALITY, we still got maaaad work to DO, Word!!

  7. Listening to both side of the voting debate in this video, (great interview and interviewer by the way,) I’ll just say this……All structures regardless to what structure it is has a purpose whether good , bad or indifferent. Voting, via my spiritual compass and observation, voting is designed to maintain top pier control of those who created it. When we look back at Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood district, we can see two of many things: 1. African Americans have the ability to collectively work together and build education, spiritual as well as physical strength and wealth within a white political society. 2. That no matter the collective force of American Americans/people of color, those at the top political tier will appear to allow individual power and wealth; however, they will do anything to destroy any collective force that’s not their own; no individual power(s) is allowed unity.

    With that said, in this day and time, as some laws have changed over the years and the climate of racism is high, no matter what any group of color wants and how their believe they need to get it, they still have to achieve it within or at the least, attached to a system/structure that has been already created. Voting is important, mainly right now. I’m neither of either a Democrat or Republican affiliation, I speak without biasness……voting weakens the top political tier’s power; that’s why the top tier is using the lower tier to suppress the ‘people of color’ vote….VOTES MEANS SOMETHING MASSIVE. Voting and putting those in place that cannot be compromised, swayed, bribed or corrupted in this playground/battlefield that are for ALL people is extremely important. Voting also defuses the gravity of such attacks like that of Black Wall Street because the vote is backed by those ready to take further righteous actions to support their vote such as one of the most powerful weapon within the Earth…..withholding spending that money that helps create the top political tiers wealth.

    Totally separation, as it appears Nick is saying does more harm than good, because no matter where a group of color may go and thrive, unless they plan on being a recluse, the races will continue to mix; mainly since we have a very large population of mixed colored-people. In addition, the spiritual, not religious, yet spiritual makeup of those that are voting are more fearless than those in the Black Wall Street days, meaning that we are no longer restricted by laws that prevent us from taken a stance on what we know, believe, and understand to be fair, just, and right; and mixing that with a firm spiritual foundation….we find that we, as a people have more power and control than that top political tier. I can tell you that being a Tenant Rights Advocate as well as a Human Rights Advocate on the ground floor working in the vineyards and seeing people of all races come together to fight and rewrite wrongs, as well as witnessing as of April 2016 in Maryland, individuals once convicted of a felony can register and vote upon release, even while on probation or parole, which Ex-offenders should re-register to vote, I can tell you THERE TRULY POWER IN NUMBERS. and numbers can change the dynamics of anything.

    Everything on this Earth revolves around numbers; the ones that are assigned to us like birth dates, address, phone numbers, and social security numbers,; and the ones that make up aware that changes need to be made and/or have been made like the lowering of your blood pressure, the physical differential between day and night, and how many people acknowledges change needs to be made and how many are making sure change will be made….AND because voting is a HUMAN RIGHT, learn about the candidates in your area and VOTE RESPECTFULLY and INTELLIGENTLY. And be empowered knowing you took a stance and be satisfied the moment you see that stance made change which you contributed to it.

    Go to VOTE411,org to get information on those running for office in your state or your local library for the printed version.

  8. van is a extremely talented man.I love him and damon dash interview. Van spends too much time talking about the next man. Job or not. He like all of us has so much to be working on. There is a deeper reason for feeling like you have to say something all the time.

  9. Nick speaking plenty of REAL ISH folks, I luv how wise and so called woke dude has because, furthermore living it and spreading that message!!!

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