Nikki Bella Gets Cold Feet Again About Marrying John Cena | Total Bellas | E!

The WWE Superstar drops a bombshell on her twin sister and mother. Find out why Nikki is choosing happiness over tying the knot on "Total Bellas".

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Nikki Bella Gets Cold Feet Again About Marrying John Cena | Total Bellas | E!


  1. yeh but nikki, u asked for all of this. u wanted to get engaged by a certain time, get married by a certain date, have kids etc by a certain age. u really need to work on yourself definitely because it seems like nikki dont know what she really wants and that’s scary for someone in the relationship to want to give u everything just for you to be happy but it’s not their job to make u happy. i have been there, it was not my job to make my significant other happy and nothing i did was good enough, he needed to work out his issues in therapy and learn to love himself first and it turned out that i need stability and he was too unstable and flighty of a partner to ever be a good husband or father to kids etc because he could not even make his own decisions. yikes

  2. Then why begging him about marriage and kids for so long then ? Omg i am so sick of her and her wedding drama.

    • Kayden Gonzalez just don’t say shup up to me. You don’t even know me . I just give my opinion. If you aren’t happy about what i think, it’s your problem but don’t tell me what to do. So now i can’t comment what she does.

    • Bella Rock where i did say i don’t like watching the bellas. I love this show. Don’t worry. I’m just giving my opinion like everyone else on the comments sections. So calm down.

  3. She doesn’t love John anymore.. That’s the only explanation to her nervousness. It’s clear. Maybe she doesn’t want to acknowledge it. So sad I loved them

    • I use to love Nikki. I just think she fell out of love with John. Most called off engagements dont last the first time. Her calling it off a second time doesnt bode well for the relationship. She wanted marriage and kids and when hes finally agree to give her what she said she wanted she keeps getting cold feet. You either want to marry somebody or you don’t it’s that simple.

    • Ilary Mvukani I think she’s getting off on all attention that comes with it, to be seen by the world to be the one who dumps “John Cena”

    • Melanie Perrin John was compromising, and he kept compromising until Nicky was left facing herself. She likes the attention it’s bringing and thinks it makes her look powerful, when in actuality she’s playing with people’s hearts.

    • Maryan Omar no she doesn’t. If she really loved him. She wouldnt be going back and forth.

  4. I think Nikki thought she wanted to marry John but she doesn’t want to marry John. They are not a team ever. Nikki wants things that John does not want to give until she begs literally…

  5. John is always missing in action.. She is doing everything on her the wedding planning.. He doesn’t have time for all of that.. He is not interested.. If he was soo in love and wanted to make it work.. He would be actively involved.. Ans she has spent soo many days and weeks and month without him.. When he works.. That she knows its going to be a lonely marriage… Thst is why I think she is soo hesitant.. If John truly lived her 100 per cent.. He would be involved.. Not just leave her alone.. To plan whatever she wants.. And him. To just show up.. Niki can do so much better.. She will find some1 who can give her the greatest gift if all.. HIS TIME..

    • for first of both Nikki and Brie were on Jimmy Fallon this week, but when talking about if is Nikki or Brie to end a relationship they would call the other twin’s boyfriend and break up for them and Nikki also said that When we were young, we used to break up with boyfriends for each other, but to me is like how is John Cena feel about this after watching Jimmy Fallon this week

    • medira chinniah wait what? You clearly don’t know how guys work and if you are a guy then you got no clue. Guys don’t want to be involved, they just want to make thier women happy and let her plan everything. The man will get involved only if the women asks. Nicki Bella is a hoe, John gave her everything and she doesn’t want it still the spoilt brat

  6. Nikki for years: i want to marry John
    John: okay i will give u marriage and kids.
    Nikki after getting engaged: No, i don’t want it
    But Wtf?!!!!
    Why forcing him about marriage and kids then?!!!! I’m so sick of her wedding drama. This season she is annoying. She is always whining and complaining while that what she wanted for years. She’s so complicated. Omg!!!

    • Ilary Mvukani. im crying watching this , i supposed to get married in a 3 weeks and i want to call it off. i moved to another state for him and have not see my friends for 2 years , im lonely in his house and i miss my home.i sacrificed to much and is all about him

    • Do it like Nikki did. Say you are not sure about this. That you should postpone and talk about moving back or something of the likes. Once you are happy then you reschedule the marriage. If it never happens then you know what to do. Don’t do something you probably will regret!

  7. John deserves better. Soo much drama. Like really?wat u want him to do more. im so confuse

  8. Let’s say all of this real (doubt it) I cannot believe this same woman, who not too long ago, confessed her love for him and talked about how much she wants to “grow old with him cause he’s my soulmate” to a few months later doing all of this “I don’t know if I want to marry him anymore”. How do things change over night like that?? Never once was she “miserable” in the relationship, according to her, but now when you are about to marry John all the sudden you are miserable? Not to mention she kept on seeing him after this second break up. He was even just on a family vacation with her. If this is all real, she’s got some really messed up issues and she needs to stop dragging him along if she doesn’t actually want him.

  9. I completely understand Nikki’s reservations. I’m a people pleaser too and it’s so natural for me to put my feelings and needs aside for others. It can be a toxic way to live, and I’m glad she realized that. It’s good she’s taking time for herself.

  10. John Cena will be alright. He’s rich, handsome, funny and probably already moved on.

  11. John never wanted kids and/or to get married. John is FINALLY giving that to her, and she’s not feeling it?????? Ok… imagine how HE feels

    • Nicky wanted John’s proposal so bad, then got it with the publicity rush it must be somewhat stimulating, then she ends the relationship publicly. I mean OMG if I were marrying someone like John Cena I would hardly want to advertise ending a relationship like that on air? It of course got a lot of attention, in life things settle down and become the norm and for people that live these lifestyles it’s not so tolerable. As Nicky herself said ” I’ve ended the engagement once, I can do it again? Looked like it made her feel powerful. John over time said yes to all she wanted and on their aired dinner, John said “are you sure it’s being a mom that you want, or is there later on going to be other reasons for these feelings ” looks like John was right the whole time. Nicky will never find as good a match as John, everything will pale in comparison, she’s enjoying the publicity buzz and all the attention it brings from the family. You can say ” oh well you don’t understand what the lifestyle is like living with John,” but Nicky said she’s been with John for 6 years so she knows, so the question is why now?

    • maaayaL mag me how she feels always having to bend to meet his needs, wants and rules. He has had plenty of ridiculous rules throughout their relationship, and she proved time and time again she was there for love of him. Not his wealth or notoriety. She has every right to put herself first for once and get her head together. Taking the time she’ll be able to realize if they really should get married- she’s not Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian… marriage means something special to her.

    • Benita Rodriguez So why is she playing around with marriage, John also compromised and I loved them together all the previous years when she was happy. It’s not the first time the wedding was put off, it’s the fact she’s now playing around with people’s hearts. John loved that about Nicky when she had a strong mind.

    • Ilary Mvukani Exactly and to be seen on national television doing so is giving her a buzz, you can see it when things settle for a while, then more drama has to be created.


  13. The word sacrifice is thrown around so much in this relationship. John does not want to be a dad. He wants to give Nikki a baby to keep her around. Time for these two to go their separate ways and find what they neec in a partner.

    • THEAMERICANDRAGON . then how come he said . I will do anything to keep you around. I will make that sacrifice and give you a kid. He never said he wanted to be a dad.

    • I totally agree , its not fare to both of them give up what they believe or want in life to make someone esle happy, Eventually in the future you will loose who you are as a person

    • I agree. The right word is compromise because there is nothing sacrificial about this.

    • I like your point, John just want Nikki around him and wanna give her kids, to keep her around.

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