Nikki Bella Is “So Exhausted and Done” With Fiance John Cena | Total Bellas | E!

The "Total Bellas" star faces the heartbreaking truth that she just can't be with Cena anymore. Don't miss the tearful "Total Bellas" scene.

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Nikki Bella Is "So Exhausted and Done" With Fiance John Cena | Total Bellas | E!


    • +Jake Styles the time line of the show was not misplaced at all and she didn’t wait until the end of the season to say it was over for good she called it over for good the weekend he just turned up to her family weekend away with her whole family, they had a big fight that weekend

    • Shenay James yeah the same weekend that made people more realized that there breakup could been fake also where’s the proof of this so called big fight there’s nothing to back it up and if she made up her mind that weekend why wait until the final episode to come out and say were done especially when people were already criticizing this so called breakup

    • +Jake Styles ppl that was there told E news and E news asked her if it was true in an interview and brie told them to more over from the john questions and she didn’t wait until the end of the season she called it off that weekend

    • Shenay James yeah like Enews have always told the truth also like I said before if she made her decision why didn’t she say then but no it came out when the show ended she knew what she was doing with this breakup she was trying to get as much she can with it that’s why there was always a new article mostly every week when the show was airing

  1. I’m so happy for her. Finally realizing her worth and for not settling. I know it hurts to finally leave someone alone but it’s better to hurt for a little while then to go on for the rest of your life questioning if your decisions you made were the right ones.

    • Anjushree Verma it’s not all his fault you are right, she must take responsibility for the fact that he was open and honest with her about not wanting to get married or have kids. I believe she thought the love she had for him was stronger than her desires and she buried them/put them to the side for him (not that he asked). However it is human nature to expect change, to want progression. They are both guilty of being naive thinking that neither one might want more. She had waited to have all this with cena for so long that she had given up. It’s not that he may not be worth it but more like too little too late. The reason why I’m not that bothered about Cena’s dreams is because he hasn’t compromised anything he wants so far, he still does what he wants to do. Nikki tries to please him more than she does herself. I don’t hate John (I don’t know him) but he isn’t right for her but I’m sure there are plenty of women who don’t care about marriage, commitment and kids. It’s wrong of them to put so much pressure on the other. It’s not her fault that her feelings have changed, I think she is just as shocked and confused that they have, but he made her wait too long, it’s completely natural.

    • You like John Cena wants to spend a bunch of money and have it throw in the trash because Nikki doesn’t want to be with him

    • Mutai Faith
      This happens when you drink to much !!
      This show is so sick with alcoholism,co dependence
      I don’t allow this show in my home , in one episode 85 drinks in hour
      Normal people do not drink this way

    • +DaBnAtIoN everything that was materialistic. He was emotionally vacant, lets be honest here and call a spade a spade. I think that what hurts the most for Nikki as a woman is that she constantly gave into what made him happy. I don’t care who you are, how many fans you have, how much money you have, what your story is. The fact is If you cannot compromise and meet the person half way or at least part of the way, then the big presents you give in replace are absoultly worthless. (The joy of them soon fades, when reality hits they are not selfless in love.) She has her own money so was never desperate, she hoped he would show his love freely without there being a catch. However from start to end there was always a catch e.g. move in with me, she moves in, now sign this, cooking, you made a mess, no appreciation, kids, when she freezes her eggs, he had a issue yet quite happy for her to miss out. The break up, ok I now want kids with you! Huh really. Lets be realistic John may be cool with other stuff but in relationships he has a long way to go. Even in this clip, he has given her a deadline to say whether the wedding is on or not. All his terms. It just is not right! Who acts like that. Yes talk, yes agree no hurry but a deadline she has to follow through on, like it is a business appointment is ridiculous. I like both John for what he does for the Wish foundation and Nikki for being a independent woman who made her own money before John. But his behaviour is appalling for any relationship to survive.

  2. I am done with this on and off drama between Nikki and john. I am moving on to watch Miz & Mrs instead.

  3. I cant belive she wasted 6 years trying to fix something that was already broken. Life lesson if you feel like this relationship is not working out or he wont give you what you want or need dont waste years and years trying to change his mind or fix it some how just end it. And i am so glad that she has finally seen the light and realized the truth that it’s just not working

    • BTSJimin Jhope like the saying goes, when someone tells you who they are, believe them the first time they do.

    • I think the reality is he made his feelings VERY clear from the get go, she changed her mind (which she has every rite to do) maybe she is the one thats slightly broken, not John, he seems to be very sure in what he is wanting she is all over the place!

  4. I’m pretty sure John would never wanna get marry again after this….If Nikki is calling it off again then maybe she never really wanted to get marry. She just like the idea of it. I loke them both, I really do but in my honest opinion….They should not get marry. At frist i was happy to see it but now after all the stuffs been happening…Maybe they shouldn’t.

    It my honest opinion of it so if don’t like it then please comment your opinions. Your word are just words.

  5. John doesn’t deserve this cause Nikki keeps on saying she wants to marry him but keeps on changing her mind it’s just like she is leading him on

    • Emily Rose Chandler yep & they’re still hanging together secretly, he was just in Napa with her & her family. I don’t know if they are trying to work it out again or not but if she don’t want him keeping him around is only gna make it harder for both of em.

    • +brock lesnar John didn’t seem to mind. Lets face it if she’s what you called her, he was that before she hooked up with him.

  6. This is dumb already.grow up.he deserves someone who wants him .she a spoiled brat

    • This is so confusing. Nikki follow your heart. What makes you to take that decision is between you and your inner soul. Stress kills.

  7. So over this show and Nikki’s unnecessary drama. Wish we got more of Brie and Bryan. Anyways, Miz & Mrs is so much better than this.

  8. I’m moving to Miz and Ms as well. This show is turning into keeping up with the Kardashians #boring! #Ready for some total divas

  9. John Cena was looking bad all along, but the way I see Nikki now.. I feel very very very sorry for John Cena..

    • Ash Rios it’s the bellas show they will always make nikki the victim and cena the bad guy because it’s her show

    • Jake Styles Nikki called off the wedding twice both times John was heartbroken cause he truly loves her with all his heart he truly is in love with her so John is not the bad guy here Nikki is

  10. I feel like they do love each other.. I feel like maybe she’s unsure weather he actually wants kids or is just agreeing for her.. also on her Bachelorette it says John is lonely for one week.. she’s been trying to tell him exactly the same thing since season 1-2 of total bellas.. it’s like he expects her to wait on him and when it’s reversed he expects her to still drop everything to make him feel better when he left her to deal with it for the past 6 years basicly.. I think it’s about not being equal in those terms.. she loves him I think and does want to be with him but I feel he’s not making it easier for her.. I do hope they get back together..

    • Renee Jones the fact that went she play with Brie child she will automatic think of wanting one. God knows if John in order to pump those iron whether he took steriods if he does for a long period it might take a while before a child arrive by then…. Thus, I do think she have alot to thing about. She spend most of her time waiting on John. After marriage will be the same and it’s not like wanting a baby is a snap of a finger and John is alway away on assignment.

  11. When the man you love is ready to take all the steps you had been wanting him to take for all those years, you go, you get married, and live a happy life. Isn’t this everything she wanted? I think she loves drama and wants to be begged. When you are married, it is all about giving, loving, caring, persevering, and waiting, so….. good thing she is not getting married.

    • Because anyone can see he’s not doing these things because he wants to he’s doing these things because he wants to keep her and there’s a clear difference.

    • Dukeoflords nah he do things for her cause he love her as strongwilled as jhon is I doubt that he doing things cause he don’t want but she wants him to cause if it was it whouldnt have taking six years he chould have gewinely changed his mind the whole reason he did want kids is his career he was willing to put career aside if it was about losing h er he wouldnt be overseas he whould be right there by her side trying to keep his lady from levaing but you can’t force love that nikki whole thing everything feels forced

    • Martavious Chambers but that’s my point he’s doing those thing FOR her and not because he actually wants them. Meaning he loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. Every interview John has had that involves asking him about his change in attitude towards kids he has always featured him saying things like he had to think if he could live his life without Nikki and that he was willing to change his stance for her. All of the stuff he has said has been about her and not about him genuinely wanting kids. That’s not a good way to start off a potential marriage and will only lead to resentment years down the line.

    • Dukeoflords okay like I said he chould genwinley want what she want it does not have to be a conspiracy theory

    • Totally agree. John deserves better. She compromised on basically nothing for him but he willing to do whatever it takes because he loves her. She clearly does not love him

  12. Everybody jumped on me for criticizing his proposal, but I knew what I was talking about! He took too long and took her through too much trying to get him to this point. She is tired. Any woman would be. You battling his emotional issues from old hurts, distance, and even physical pain. She loves the man, but she is tired.

    • I agree, but I think she fell for him and over time both of them fell in love, and she hung in there thinking that he would change his mind.

    • So no sympathy for her! this isn’t someone who has been lied too this is someone who made a choice, which was probably not the rite one, but it was 100% her choice.

    • I’d normally agree but she willingly stayed when she knew his stance on marriage/kids. He told her a million times & she claimed it was fine but she thought she could be the hero and change his views! His last marriage messed him up n now this probably did as well. Lol I mean he even changed his mind and proposed to her and she left him a week before… that’s tough for the guy who was scared/convinced he’d never marry again! He treated her well otherwise, ppl are acting like he was horrible to her when he wasn’t. I bet by end of next season they’ll b back together and she’ll be pregnant & they won’t air their wedding

    • Bottom line is John is not selfless in relationships and emotionally available without there being a rule attached. She wanted him to be as selfless as her and that was never going to happen. Is it her fault, no, we all can have hope, it is what makes us human. Is he a horrible person, no but he is a selfish one. Materialistic gifts doesn’t fill a void for any woman if something is missing or a man and we know what most men do when they feel something is missing. So before people attack Nikki for having hope, if you have kids, nieces remember this could be them one day.

  13. I think she gave so much of herself into the relationship that she had nothing else to give. And that when it was John’s turn, the damage was already done and it was too late that it didn’t matter anymore.

  14. All those yrs her beggin to marry her and havin a kid and when hes finally willing to give that to her she bails out? Gtfo, she wasted his time, she knew what it was from the beginning and slowly tried to change him and he finally came around and now she all of a sudden doesnt want it anymore bunch of b.s., part of her probably is doing this out of spite for taking so long to come around now she’s punishing him just sad all around

  15. John finally said you know what let’s get married and let’s have children and Nikki calls off the wedding again John’s wotld jus flipped upside down

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