Nikki Bella & John Cena Throw a Formal Family Dinner | Total Bellas | E!

"Total Bellas" stars John and Nikki want to host a fancy feast for the Bella family every week like on "Downton Abbey"–so will it go as planned? Watch!

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Nikki Bella & John Cena Throw a Formal Family Dinner | Total Bellas | E!


  1. John is really a snob in this series, acting like he is above all and everything has to be proper.

  2. He wants to have a formal dinner wither family every week but won’t marry her ??? LMFAOOO WTF ???

  3. Daniel’s wife is the only one down to earth n humble, Nikki is just riding Cena’s coat tail, once he is tired he will just find another one,, she is where she is cuz of Cena

    • J garza no not really because she was already popular before tho and really good at wrestling

    • That is very rude and you clearly don’t know anything about them non of us do so why don’t you shut up and keep your comments to yourself.

    • @J garza nikki is way better than john and especially better than BRIE ( daniel’s wife). She is where she is cuz herself. So shut the f**k up.

  4. Cena is a complete control freak and totally strict person. I wouldn’t live with him even if he’s hot or has all the money in the world… Well maybe only date him but NEVER live in his house i feel like if you do something “wrong ” to his standards he will send a hit squad to kill you. xD

    • people just hate him because they think he burries talent and has a silver spoon. those claim arent true

  5. Daniel: Should I Tuck My Pant Legs Into My Socks?
    That was so cuteee x❤️

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