Nikki Bella Returns to Napa For the First Time Since Breakup | Total Bellas | E!

The "Total Bellas" star returns to the Northern California wine valley where she was to wed ex-fiance John Cena before their emotional breakup. Watch!

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Nikki Bella Returns to Napa For the First Time Since Breakup | Total Bellas | E!


  1. And 6 months after this Nartem (Nikki & Artem) is about to be official 😍. I’m glad she healed and has no ill will towards cena and I wish him the best and I hope her and Artem r end game. Most ppl don’t even know that they’ve been serious for a while now lol

    • Why would she have ill will when she was the one that broke John’s heart? You and the rest of her crazy fans, as few as they are, can’t seem to admit her faults. It’s embarrassing really. John should be the one feeling ill will cause he was played, but he won’t because he’s mature unlike this liar. Keep supporting liars. Its a good look ha!

    • They’re both bellas that’s their last name. BRIE is the mom and Nicole is the single one.

    • It sounds like she fell for Artem while on dancing with the stars and broke up with John and probably dated him secretly so no one would suspect lol.

  2. This woman is a liar. It is honestly sickening. Using his name for attention and using him to make herself look like a victim and gain sympathy. She dumped john for another guy, her dance partner of all people, and she is here still painting herself as a victim after lying so many times. Its sick and I can see right through her. Leave john alone already and quit being fake. Not to mention she follows and unfollows him all the time on social media like the little 15 year old she is. Likes pictures of them making out on ig, etc. John got away and thank goodness for that. A blessing in disguise.

  3. Nicole’s mentioned ‘I’ 16 times in 2 minutes. How self-centered could you ? That’s why John didn’t wife her, she’s fake. Men can smell a gold digger. No man is gonna sacrifice himself for this.

    • How is she self centered? She can say I all she wants…. She Deserves to say whatever she wants. Stop hating. She sacrificed so much for John. People move on girl💛

    • I’m sorry. While getting introspective geniuses like you use ‘thou’ . I’ll keep that in mind.

    • I can relate to you. I don’t know why today’s people love gold diggers.

  4. Love Nikki! Sick of immature idiots commenting she cheated. People don’t understand how people feel and just want everyone on TV to be perfect and when they are perfect they complain that they are not imperfect enough.

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