Nikki Wants to Train With Artem Chigvintsev…But Brie Disagrees | Total Bellas | E!

The former "DWTS" competitor wants to get her dance body back with pro partner Artem, but twin sister Brie worries it could spark rumors on "Total Bellas"!

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Nikki Wants to Train With Artem Chigvintsev…But Brie Disagrees | Total Bellas | E!


  1. Love you bella twins, my bir bir ❤❤ and daniel bryan..
    continue making me happy everyday 😉😉

  2. Feeling bad for my bellas. I just wish Nikki was in a position where her decisions weren’t judged by the media.

  3. I love u guys so much use an inspiring and I’m really happy and I hope I can be like yous when i am older # bella army alwayd

  4. Brie not following Artem well, Cena was like family to all of them and he was great. I feel like it’s pretty great that Brie thinks of Cena as her brother.

  5. Why does Brie disagree with everything. I’d be happy for Nikki. Like I’m sure Brie is she’s just trying to protect her. But Nikki is her own woman at the end of the day.

  6. Brie isnt the boss of Nikki though, Nikki is a adult and she can make her own decisions

    Plus Nikki is the older twin

  7. Brie can never just support her. First it’s no you can move to LA. No you can’t dance with artem. Brie just support her and let her me. She’s gonna make mistakes and people will talk negative about her whatever she does but as her sister be there for her. Let her live stop sheltering her

  8. I don’t think Nikki should live her life worrying about what the media and others think about her life nobody will blink their eyes when cena goes public with someone so while I understand where Brie is coming from Nikki will get hate regardless so she might as well be happy and from what I see so far Artem makes her happy 😊

  9. Who cares what people think. If you honestly pay attention close enough to Nicole and johns relationship yes there love was true and real but he was so absent because of work she lives in these fabulose houses and did all this fabulose wedding planing alone. ALONE. That hurts yes she loves him but I believe she made the right chose moving forward. And she has every right to.

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