Nipsey Hussle Surveillance Video Shows Getaway Driver’s Ties to Murderer | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

Nipsey Hussle's murderer made a mad dash to a car with a driver who was waiting to speed away from the murder scene — and it's all captured on video. Also, The men who allegedly "attacked" Jussie Smollett at his behest are feeling the pain in the aftermath of the whole debacle … because their acting careers have taken a major blow.


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    • +PlatinumHeart _ nipsey was becoming too powerful bringing blacks and latinos and gangs together in los angeles if we not killing each other its hard for cops to keep a job he had a meeting scheduled with lapd the day after he died about all his efforts and he was buying too much property in his neighborhood he was number one on they hitlist and now his killer has a high profile lawyer and will not even go to jail just a mental hospital i bet cuz he was hired

    • PlatinumHeart _ read up on the history of COINTELPRO and when you’re done educating yourself in 10 years, come back and reply.

  1. The wrath of God gonna come down on whoever did that to Nipsey….

    To many lies going on

    • how can a fictional person made up by people who are afraid of death do any thing the courts will decide not lol

    • Please don’t use gods name like that. What if Nipsey was the one feeling gods wrath? I’m not insinuating anything but just ask yourself

    • They probably do as a person who lives around the area. There’s a lot of surveillance.
      Also he’s a known informant. Everyone knows that he was broke robbin and all of a sudden he can pay for a well known lawyer at that.

  2. We need a hacker to get hold of the camera footage from the 6 OTHER camera points and release it to the public…let us see who was REALLY involved. There were camera’s in the alley and in front of the store fronts. WHERE TF is the footage !

  3. Okay so even if she is let off the hook she will be in fear for her life, she will be a dead 💀 woman walking.There is no way she will survive in California.Or anywhere for the matter😒

  4. Damn I’m tired of hearing about this. Let the King rest in peace🙏 The mfs who did it gon get dealt with so let it play out. Goddamn smh

  5. All Eric Holder has to do is say she knew that when I went back to the car for my gun, I was going to kill Nipsey. They’re just waiting for the two of them to snitch and then they’ll get both or just Eric

  6. If y’all gonna upload videos with a title like that, show the footage morons

  7. Police only released video of what they want us to see. If you google the plaza , there 📷’S in front of boost , Nips store… All stores . Lol there’s a camera in and out of the 🍔 spot he eat at . They released the unclear footage , that 📷 in front of Nips store would give you HD footage , front row plus the footage they released look like 1999 . They probably messed it up on purpose

  8. That looks like an enlarged clitoris on the smaller “so called brothers”…wonder if these are natural born females working out and on potions 🤔

  9. What’s going on with that white car that left the crime scene and that white man that whispered something in Eric’s ear? TMZ be on BullShitt.🤡🤡🤡🤡

  10. She snitched and pledged innocence on her behalf. In other words, she’s not trying to do life on this suckers behalf.

  11. Because trump said don’t arrest them !!!!! You nigs don’t know we run the world yet…. bow down one less gangster on the street 👍🏻

  12. Them brothers should write a tell all book if they can legally i mean im not interested but thats one way to capitalize on the situationand get some$$$

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