Offset Smacks Phone Out of Fan’s Hand While He’s Recording | TMZ

Offset's looking a lot like UFC champ Conor McGregor — and not in a good way — after slapping the crap out of a fan's phone … and the fan says he's getting the police involved.


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    • +Kimberly Stephenson Lol these “people” whipe their asses with diamond rings on😂😂😂
      The answer is no honey there not normal people like us it’s okay to record someone in public if they charge 1000$ a ticket for one of there shows

    • As much as we want to say those who have fame are normal people this is the price the of Fame.

  1. My buddy got a pic with offset. He asked offset politely instead of just walking up to him filming. Crazy story

    • +Jamie M oh and get off your high horse acting like you literally obied every single law perfectly in every minute of your life you lived. I would even fall for that one. Conversation is DEFINITELY over with someone like you…

    • cyberpunk 97′ bullsh*t! When a person is out in public, there is *zero* expectation of privacy! It’s not like the guy was peeking over the fence of his backyard, or looking through the curtains of his bedroom; he was in a public area, so yes, he most definitely *can* be filmed without permission.

    • Black Hippy that’s incorrect. I think you are probably thinking of one and two-party consent laws as it relates to making audio recordings of conversations, and that does not apply in this case.

    • Are you fk’in blind this dud did NOT walk up to offset. Offset walked up to him, entered his personal space, assaulted him, & his property. Time for offerset to offer up one of these back accounts doors & pay tf up

    • You could of just joined his gang or shot someone he didn’t like, and he would be your best friend.

  2. Offset’s not himself when he’s hungry…..maybe someone should’ve offered him a Snickers bar 🤷‍♀️🍫🙃

  3. Thats a mandatory fade this mans took an L🤦🏽‍♂️ he could of ran it up with offset and gained alot more more clout tokens but instead he got punkd for every one to see


    • I forgot to say that he can exchange the token at Clout of America bank (TMZ) 🏦

    • Wow another irrational metrosexual millennial who thinks they’re tough for no good reason. Bruh you are a little light skin punk

    • +DJ Dramademiks that dude wasn’t even white you dumbass!! And offset sucks balls anyway. Migos are str8 trash!

    • U people have to wake tf up, their is a reason why he did it. U don’t know what the kid said to him b4 he was recording him. I telling u these fan boys can be provoking.

  4. If someone shove a camera to my face unexpectedly, I’d do the same.

    But then I’ll apologize because I’m a canadian.

    • +Mike Carter An assault is an unexpected/ unwanted/ uninvited touching. Offset had no right to touch dude or his phone.

      If dude wanted to press charges, he could.

    • +Channel Fiend lmao like I said I don’t blame him don’t record me without my consent I don’t care who you are ✌️

    • +Mike Carter And if you’re in public and touch that person you can catch a case …

    • +Mike Carter you don’t need consent to record anything or anybody in public. You a celebrity and don’t wanna be recorded, stay your azz home. There is no right to privacy in a public place.

    • Lol..huh..why ppl want to be famous but pull this stunt..sorry homie but me and offset would rumble in that store

  5. Ppl be waiting for an opportunity to sue celebrities nowadays and Offset just gave this dude one of the two things he was hoping for.

    • +Trey Diggz Bruh, please don’t act brand new. You wasn’t born yesterday.

    • +Trey Diggz The first thing this guy did was call TMZ after Offset knocked hit his phone. That right there should give you some clue about his character.

  6. Could have at least showed the Camera Falling….it look like Offset just Hit at the Camera but No Damages….

  7. Offset is a savage, like alot of hip hop artists are in our community. I would be pissed off if someone did that to me unless they asked my permission or somebody’s.

  8. It comes with the Territory you don’t like people asking questions wanting your autograph or filming or taking Pictures then you should stay out the spotlight I wouldn’t care who it is I would walk right pass them

    • +KING STUNNA He not a celebrity he didn’t sign up for that lifestyle. These people makes millions of dollars to be a public figure. And they make millions dollars off of fans. And same guy that he smacked phone out hand of more then likely spend money on his concerts before in that’s how he gets treated. You guys need stop idolizing these people in idolize God. In start helping homeless people in spend your money on them. Instead of spending your whole paycheck on these greedy celebrities that can give two shots about you in would watch you starve before lifting a hand for you.

    • +KING STUNNA We do but if you a public figure In that’s what you sign up for you don’t have personal space lol.

    • Lol nice try, how about stop harassing them and put your stupid camera phones away and they won’t do that.

    • +KING STUNNA he wasn’t in offsets personal space though.. Offset walked up to him and smacked the phone.

  9. He coulda just did a quick wassup ✌🏾. While he kept walking. Would have taken 2 seconds tops. 🤨

    • P J He dont got to. Get off that man nuts. These celebrities are not obligated to do anything.

  10. Dude ask first Just say yo Offset I love your Music bro is it cool if I take a picture with you and post it on my Social Media?

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