Parkland Leader David Hogg Enrolling at Harvard Next Fall | TMZ TV

David Hogg is leaving the Sunshine State and shipping off to Boston — the Marjory Stoneman Douglas student's been accepted to Harvard.


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  1. Good for him. I hope he graduates and helps pass laws to get some of these guns out of some of your crazy hick hands..

    • +Bastardson OfJefferson you can’t own a gun in Chicago so how is your stricter gun control laws to curb gun violence working out there?

    • +Black Sheep I certainly hope you’re hiding behind a VPN, because I’m about to expose who you really are, if not.

    • +Black Sheep Wait until your family hears what you’re doing online. How utterly sad your life must be.


    • +Becky L That’s funny he himself admitted he wasnt there.Look around it’s easy to find.

    • +mzw meathook Man, you really are stupid, huh? No, he actually did no such thing. You are referring to an out of context clip you saw, in which Hogg states, “I grabbed my camera, got on my bike and rode as fast as I could to the school”. What you fail to comprehend, is the fact that Hogg was referring to 6pm that evening, when he chose to RETURN TO SCHOOL, to record interviews with his peers, who’d gathered outside the school. Idiots like you, who can’t seem to actually research the truth and keep regurgitating this nonsense, are some of the stupidest people on Earth.

    • +Becky L I love how all your arguements about how stupid and uninformed everyone is starts with 3rd grade name calling and insults.I apologize if your 10 years old.I did not mean to upset a child.

    • Yep, he “biked” all the away to parkland during the shooting and filmed, and he also ran from class to see whats happening at the same time, while a future leader gets killed holding the door open for fellow classmates to get ou

  3. Let me guess he is going to tell everyone he went to school again when he really was at home banging his dad?

    • +RUN IT Nope.He originally said he was but then admitted he was actually at home and got on his bike to record the aftermath and act like he was there.

    • +mzw meathook That’s BS. If you bothered to research the truth, you would see that. I genuinely feel sorry for you.

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