Former “Martin” Star Now Selling Cars | TMZ

Carl Payne — who was one of the stars of "Martin" — is now a cars salesman. In this economy, one has to respect the guy for knowing how to make a buck.

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Former "Martin" Star Now Selling Cars | TMZ


  1. I really look upto him for what he said “There’s No Shame in Taking Care of Your Family” .. Lemme tell you, as a previous car salesman myself, I made good money but there was always a few guys who made 6 figures! Not a bad job if you can selll.

    • I’d bet a paycheck he’s probably doing better than all the other car salesmen at his dealership. Plenty of people would love to say they bought their Honda from Cole/Cockroach.

      And yes… those scandalous, slimy TMZ workers help perpetuate down-spiraling American culture every day with their sleezy gossip reporting. Not all jobs are good jobs…

  2. It seems to me that Carl Payne has more integrity, and is more of a man, than that whole group at TMZ attempting to have a laugh at his expense.  His family should be proud.

  3. “No shame in taking care of your family”. Thats one of the best things a man can say. He looks awesome.

    • meowmeow44444
      He did not mismanaged his money. Only the top STARS in Hollywood get the top pay. The others are treated like EXTRAS. It is even more brutal if you are a minority. He has to take care of his family.

  4. Selling cars is a WHOOOOLE lot better than working at TMZ.

    If i had a family member working at TMZ, i would disown them.

  5. He really put them in their place, they were looking for a Gary Coleman type of post-fame expose or a meltdown of some sort. An affirmation that he should be down on his luck because he’s selling cars. Glad to hear he is doing well.

  6. “There’s no shame in taking care of your family.”

    That says it all right there.

    Keep your head up Karl, you doing the right thing. A lotta brothers not.

    Nuff respeck!

  7. Leave it to TMZ to try and put down a man who is trying to feed his family. Just pure trash.

    • wilma Ballsdrop- the whole industry does it. they want you to pay thousands in some cases hundreds of thousands for a degree that wont do you any good. and after you get that degree you are still gonna sell cars.

    • Just like he said, he enjoys it. I know of another celebrity who is a mailman .  It doesn’t mean that they are broke, except for in the minds of mindless people.

  8. I applaud his strength in showing he doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about his new found profession.. That’s what’s wrong with the world today, they would rather starve than feel embarrassed about where they’re employed! SMFH

  9. So….. what’s the issue here? TMZ…damn. Have you no shame? So what he’s selling cars. He has a job. He has a family to provide for. The entertainment industry is too shakey and unpredictable to be waitin’ on work. I’d do the same thing. He has a legal gig doing what he obviously enjoys. Move on TMZ. Go troll some where else. Find something else to say about Chris Brown or something. Smh.

  10. he said he has a family. There is absolutely no shame in being a man and paying the bills. Considering 99 percent of hollywood is demonic, God did him a favor.

  11. Damn mad respect for this man. Had no problem telling what he does,, is proud of it, and loves his job.

  12. I love how these guys on TMZ who make a living exploiting people, which in itself is a shameful job, make fun of a man taking care of his family by working at a dealership. Definitely thumbs down on this video, if someone does what they have to to get their kids fed, don’t bash it TMZ that’s pretty F’ed up.

  13. That’s a real man!!!!!!!! “No shame in taking care of my family.” Stay blessed Carl Payne!

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