Phaedra Parks: Why ‘Real Housewives’ Doesn’t Need Nene Leakes & Never Ruling Out an Apollo Reunion

The 'Queen Of Shade' Phaedra Parks stopped by Raq Rants this week to talk about the new season of 'RHOA', her ongoing beef with Kenya Moore, her dating life and why the housewives franchise doesn't need Nene Leakes!

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  1. Raq looks sloppy and messy. You are representing a brand (TMZ) so she should fix her posture, fix her clothes, and wear proper undergarments as a plus size woman! She’s good at what she does, she just needs to look good doing it.

    • I totally agree with you .I am surprised that no one from her crew told her to fix her decolleté ..are they not supposed to have make up artist or a stlylist around ? even the cameraman could have told her that .

    • not tryin to come for ya’ll..but have ya’ll seen the brand that is TMZ… they just b sittin aroun and talk all sloppy n messy…

    • she is not good at what she does lol she is ignorant with an E. see how she looked at her and said “oh you smart”. no you just slow girl

    • WestCostTRUTH lol aren’t you the one who posted? and keeps coming back to say the same thing. keep it up tho

    • WestCostTRUTH lol not only do you not have the sense to get that you’ve insulted yourself since your 1st post but you also don’t have enough sense to come up with anything new. you’ve just been proving my point. thanks😙✌

  2. Raq, what is up with that janky stage???? A ladder…a paint roller…and other random junk. wtf???

  3. Personality aside Phaedra has never looked better. The hair, the makeup, the face, the fashion, all ON POINT

    • Really? The weave is not curled nor flat ironed. The skirt is exposing more than she bargained for, hence the reason she’s hiding the too high front split with her arm.

  4. Is TMZ doing that bad that they can’t afford a better stage setup??? How do you have 2 ladders holding the sign up?? Is that a sheet? Wait is that someones shoe print on the sheet?????

  5. This was hard to watch. Bad bad bad. The interviewer needs to better polished and fix her clothes its distracting.

    • No, not a tacky interviewer, she essentially went down to Phaedra’s level, see old fay fay think she’s so damn smart , remember she’s got 5 degrees so this makes her above everyone else, so she think…………… I think this was a great interview……….. The lady made her keep it real!!!!!!!!

  6. If Phaedra had a prosperous legal practice, she would not be on the show trust me, she not that well known around the legal scene (aka) law practice.

    • Hazel Marsh Not true. She had a very successful legal career and was relatively young when she did. And, she broke into an area of law that has black people, especially black women, have historically been closed out of: Sports and Entertainment Law. She also successfully represented some high profile people in the entertainment industry. Also, if earning money was her #1 priority, going on RHOA was an excellent move (even though , IMO, it’s disgraceful to the legal profession) because with a very, very, very few exceptions, even an extremely successful African-American female attorney in the U.S. does not make RHOA money and get the perks that come with being on the show. Phaedra’s RHOA contract is more than 1 million this season. Plus, RHOA has opened doors for her (as well as the other housewives) to earn even more. In addition, not all lawyers want to practice law their entire careers for various reasons. Burnout, high-stress, changes in economic conditions that affect one’s earning potential, changes in ones specialty that one chooses not to embrace (e.g. I know bankruptcy lawyers who chose to stop practicing because they hated the changes made in bankruptcy law a few years ago), a desire to utilize other skills obtained as a result of attending law school, wanting to teach, going into politics (which oftentimes pays a lot less than practicing law), getting tired of fixing other people’s problems, etc. I’m not a Phaedra fan, but I give credit where it’s due. Therefore, I feel compelled to stand up for her and say that Phaedra was very well-respected in the ATL legal community. I just hate that she’s on reality tv flaunting her legal career because she sometimes makes a mockery of the legal profession.

  7. Just for Phaedra’s information, NeNe did have a spin-off. I Dream of NeNe. Catch that dirt…

  8. Watching her slouch the whole time was so painful 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ BUTTTT I love her cause she nosey asl 😭

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