Sherri Shepherd Says Lori Loughlin Was Stupid in College Cheating Scandal

Sherri Shepherd's hot take on the college cheating scandal is that the days of "white privilege" are over, and the parents who paid to get unqualified kids into college were just plain dumb.


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    • Htown Lifer Humans gets greedy hungry for more , even if they had everything they wished to have , this psychological disorder, they lose the abilities of hard works , don’t given up get to the goals of life , they don’t have challenges and dreams , by times they get bored , their brain creates more actions to achieve, for them this is games and fun and killing time, some richer people, they get addicted to alcohol or gambling.. those choice practice their power of money different way ..

  1. y am i always seeing these rhianna X savages fenty ads!!!😒😒😒 like come on

  2. Doesn’t make sense for the daughter not to have known about the rowing claim. What if someone at college asked her about rowing, she would’ve been prepared to answer such questions.

  3. lol Certain people have been lying and cheating their way through life since the beginning of time………..this is nothing new. These are the same people who likes to point fingers at everyone else and trying to convince everyone that they’re not intelligent when everyone has to do things fairly and with their own brains. But Im so glad the truth is coming out and will continue to come out. Cheaters and liars beware. 🙂

  4. Why does she make it about race? It’s about rich people using their wealth to break the rules smh

    • It’s absolutely about race. When black students have to prove they didn’t cheat yet white people have been cheating this whole time.
      Not only that but Lori Loughlin and all the other white parents will be okay. They’ll pay a fine or at worst case go to fancy white people jail just like Martha Stewart.
      But had it been black people doing this, it needs to be acknowledged that the punishment would be much much worse.
      Check. Your. Privilege.

    • +Carrie Davis get off our nuts you’re white stop helping my people we don’t need your help

    • +duwaine blake Go read actual non celeb news and the dozens of people caught and involved in this… they are not just whites. They are just rich and entitled.

    • +Dawn Gunderman Bruh, calm down and give me a chance to get updated. I haven’t been following this story around the clock.

    • Exactly!! I’m sure there was plenty of peeps who paid for their kids to get in college that weren’t white. Great comment

    • duwaine blake ummmm like OJ getting off for murder because he was rich or do u need more Evidence

  5. Olivia definitely had a clue….thinking, I’m not smart enough to get into USC….especially after the dismal SAT scores…..

  6. Olivia is addicted to coke there is videos of her saying she hasn’t slept and isn’t hungry while she sniffs and pretends to be sick. All common with a person hiding an addiction. Crackhead confirmed.

  7. This has nothing to do with race…its not white privilege. *THIS is rich privilege.* What you people dont understand is that we are not the *MINORITY*… WE are the *MAJORITY*. Confusing but, the majority of people are minorities….and the real minorities hold the majority of the wealth. They easily teach us backwards to hide simple truth. It took serious thinking when someone told me this…for me to get it

  8. Whether the kids knew or not, they got in on falsified merits. They should still be kicked out or have their diplomas/degree(s) stripped 🤷🏽

  9. This scandal has more to do with money/rich privileges. It is not a racial/white privilege.

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