Post Malone Says Country Fans Should Get Off Lil Nas X’s Ass Over Wranglers

Post Malone thinks country fans need to calm the f*** down and stop bitching about Lil Nas X's not having country cred.


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    • Fake outrage! nobody is upset about that. they just trying to make conutry fans look bad. Typical left wing media.

    • Pam Lane Exactly sis! People are just so racist. It’s 2019! We all need to love each other for our character not the color of our skin. Can you subscribe to my channel? Thanks for all the love sis!

  1. Someone with common sense answering a question from TMZ. This will get a lot of idiots hating.

    • Your lame .. I’ve never heard one song of this dude nor any new artisit..

    • +AztecEmpire 420 idont care what you did or never did this guy πŸ€£πŸ˜… then why you doslike him if you never heard his song stooopid 😫🀣🀣

    • +brownchinkyeyes I dislike him cause he looks so stupid with tattoos… He’s just a puppet to make our society more stupid and retarted .. if you wasted time listening to this guy’s music .. what a waste of your life has gone down the drain never to get back ….

    • +AztecEmpire 420 i do listen to him smhe has good music,you arguing is a waste life

  2. Post Malone has been hated on a lot.Humble genuine dude.Props to all the celebs who think before they bash a negative opinion.Big UPS to Post Malone

  3. If the kid could make a crossover let him, y’all just mad. Why don’t you boycott the NBA and NFL?

  4. The hypocrisy, so basically they think Nas X is making a mockery out of being a Cowboy but have no problem all these years of Cowboys being a Halloween costume and an NFL team? Only when someone Hip Hop adds their own flare to a country song they have a problem with it.

  5. Lil Nas isn’t making a mockery of country music. Country music has been doing that since it began. Lil Nas is only making it cool.

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