Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Supports Alyssa Milano’s Sex Strike | TMZ

Tulsi Gabbard Alyssa Milano's protest of Georgia's anti-abortion law is exactly the kinda political pressure that's needed … according to Presidential candidate and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who's fully in her corner.


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    • ​+Frank Bigschlong do you have any idea how ironic you sound…….stop projecting yourself on others… go back to the swamp you name-calling snowflake PIG…haha

    • +Frank Bigschlong sorry for destroying your dirty fantasy, I am pretty sure that wasn’t me as I have never been to the swamp…lol….Wait, you must be telling how you met your wife….if you consider a pig your wife that makes you a pervert not me….Did your daddy Hitler steal your gun to kill himself, you nazi prick ….no wonder someone sounds mad …lol

    • Frank Bigschlong oh cmon man, can you imagine she’s on lingerie with glass of wine on your bed. Damn, how can you say that

  1. I don’t care about Alyssa Milano. If she wants to be deranged enough not to have sex cause of a law that’s her decision.

    • Bob McDonnel
      I don’t even know wtf I just watched and I had to replay a few times
      why is TMZ supporting her? who is she? I don’t care!
      I am anti trump. .but heck no, no way does this … whoever she is stand a chance.

      I’m not a liberal etc
      .. I am nothing to a title.

  2. The people in this world are getting more and more stupid by the day hahah

  3. Milano can go abstinent and fade away in her own stupidity.Majority of women will continue to engage in coital activities and deliver babies

  4. oh my goodness. as if we dont think american women are useless as it is. you are gonna take away the only piece of value we see in relationships ???? ok…MGTOW

    • +Herr Kartoffelkopf 🙂 thank you…courts favor women to outright steal from men too. MGTOW movement. it is real.

    • +paul thomas We potatoes have long since done away with “needing” wamen.
      We get much more done and have more fun. At least until the “harvest”.
      Happy Trails 🍀

    • +Herr Kartoffelkopf absolutely. i do what i want, when i want, with people i want to do it with. nobody nags me about anything. no financial pressure. and when i choose to date, i date. i control it. it doesnt control me. MGTOW movement 2019 !

    • +Herr Kartoffelkopf Herr, do you follow Kevins corner? I do….he’s a good guy. if you havent done so, check him out on you tube.

    • +paul thomas Yes, I do, there are so many good channels out there its crazy, right now I listening to a kid named “Soph”. If you haven’t watched her, do, she good.
      Its kinda creepy how smart she is. The newest is great.

  5. The only candidate with courage, integrity and passion, TULSI the wonder woman of politics !!!

    • Aloha! She is incredible! First time I’ve been this excited about a candidate… ever! People need to know about her

    • She’s in 11th place with 1% support of the Democratic Party. She has a lot of support from outside our country but most people in the US don’t know who she is yet.

  6. The women who get abortions are going to stop getting pregnant. The logic…

  7. I love being alive during this time. Men that became “male feminists” became male feminists to get laid. Now they are not going to be getting laid. I love being alive during this time.

    • Glad that we have bruce wayne or tony stark to teach our boy how to become real man is.

  8. When people watch this with their gf/bf and start laughing immediately. Is that the purpose? Congratulations! It works 👍🏆😁

  9. Whomever ends up winning needs to put Gabbard & Buttigieg in their cabinet

  10. Okay fine, stop having sex, that’s what pro-lifers wanted you to do in the first place. You could’ve just done it years ago and saved us all the trouble.

    • That’s a projection if I’ve ever seen one. She’s honest to a fault. Trump couldn’t be much more hawkish after running as a peacenik and he told his base the most bold-faced lie ever for a president when he said they were going to take away their Medicare to pay for Medicare 4 ALL. But by all means keep sabotaging yourself and the world.

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