R. Kelly Swarmed As He Leaves McDonald’s After Posting Bail | TMZ

R. Kelly made a pit stop after leaving jail, stopping off at McDonald's for some quick eats.


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  1. Anyone defending him needs to look at themselves and think if their own daughter came forward about someone abusing them.

    • +cbenji07 trust me, it happens and A LOT more than you think! Since “I Need An Around The Way Girl”. The girls are like, “oooh he got a car and stuff” and the men are like that’s some fresh meat, not all used up!

    • +Imdat Chik I never said it didn’t happen alot. I said the MAJORITY ain’t doing it. So obviously they’re old enough to know better.

    • Sam Geee, I feel like they’re the same parents that don’t believe that their child could be molested by the pastor or their own family members. And that by wearing shorts or any skin-showing clothes “you were asking for it” if someone tries something.

  2. He’s not innocent (in my opinion) but all those CATHOLIC priests and white men in Hollywood need to go down Just like this!🤷🏿‍♀️

    • my people? everywhere i see majority of blacks is a shithole lmao. im not a nazi.nationalism doesnt mean nazism. typical marxist sjw. cancer of the world that brings death.

    • +H Money lol dude did you even read what he said. He says that he feel as though r. Kelly is guilty as well and the same way r. Kelly is going down for evil doing, should be the same way those monster priest get arrested for taking advantage of kid’s.

    • +The Josephs Daily. Bro don’t worry about it, these ppl must be victims of rape or something unfortunately because they did not even read your opinion on the topic and if they did they couldn’t comprehend anything😃 you said. Lol I along with a few others totally get what you’re saying. You specifically said that, R.Kelly is guilty in your “opinion” And these fake worshipping “white” Nasty azz priest who prey on the youth, just like (r. Kelly) should be blitzed like that as well by the media and cops.

    • +Bruno wakanda Notice how he said “white men” though. Kind of makes him a racist don’t you think?

    • +《EzPzFakie》Nationalist yet you’re on a black person topic but soo you’re soo fragile about your own race. That’s why y’all wives and girlfriends keep cheating on your kind. 😂😂 Weakness is a big trait in your DNA.

  3. “swarmed” by three people and one of them is a delusional woman and the rest are bodyguards… smh.

    • Just spoke it out of her mouth loud and clear, people fell to realize millions and millions of people still have live for R. Kelly

    • santanaoutlaw same way people think whites are the only colonizers ever lmao. Jamaica? Haiti? Lmao

    • Sir Bey actually not a good one at all lmao. It shows blacks don’t hold each other accountable. I’m from the hood and I see it. That’s why the hood ain’t getting any better. Then they go around and blame it on the White man lol

  4. Whoever loves Rkelly would yall love to get pissed on or if you have a young daughter think what you would do if she was raped I honestly think R Kelly should have no respect and be in Jail for life

  5. Are they seriously saying I love you!?! No wonder he thinks he can’t be touched. So ridiculous!

  6. These the kinda lady’s that tell their daughter “maybe it was the way you dress” when the daughter admits her creepy step dad is abusing her

  7. I’m not about to argue with no one, but y’all know some people be lying to get clout. Y’all don’t even know what happened! stop bashing him because of what the internet tell you! & again, it could be true.. never know.

  8. That Old Lady Screaming “I Love You” Has no Chance…He likes them about 60 yrs younger !!

  9. Old Lady: I love You
    R. Kelly: How many young daughters do you have??
    Old Lady: Two…12 and 14 yrs old
    R. Kelly: So I love you too then !!😋

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