R. Kelly Under Criminal Investigation Thanks to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ | TMZ NEWSROOM TODAY

R. Kelly is being criminally investigated in Georgia — and it’s all because of Lifetime’s docuseries … TMZ has learned. Also, Jeff Bezos has announced he and his wife are divorcing … and a record $137 BILLION is on the line.

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    • Deserve hoe he went to trail 15yrs ago n beat it only doin this n locking up the black celebs open ur dam eyes

    • Seems like the white higher powers out to get r kelly..He don’t own his masters,so he must of tried to get his masters and they got salty.

  1. Arrest folks, cant respek dude who messes with people, folk could get any girl he want but he chooses deez folks, sad

  2. I’m white and I used to like R.Kelly as a brother but when he started urinated on my black sistas I stopped listening to his music😳

  3. Now do *Drake* . Drake, who is literally on video molesting an underage girl. Drake, who has literal text messages evidence propositioning very young girls.

  4. TMZ are y’all cool with this man? Cause I’ve been seeing a lot of your videos with titles that suggest skepticism toward the victims.

  5. Tell those People to lock up these White Teachers who get caught every week letting 8th graders tag team them SMH White Hypocracy is nauseating

    • +Sky’s Thelimit yea but, for example, if ppl are talking about the BS Trump does, I don’t wanna hear what everybody else did before him

    • +sky hammer Not excuses. You cant pick and choose who u want held accountable.

    • +sky hammer Trump should be locked up for treason. It still doesn’t change the fact that everyone needs to be exposed. RKelly been doing this it’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Why mute RKelly when they don’t want to mute Elvis? He married a fourteen year old. Point being is that too many get away with it. For example Cosby got pulled off the air but Full House and 7th Heaven still have reruns. Harvey Weinstein still gets his movies streamed. Something is not right here.

  6. This whole earth needs to purge!!! Starting from the head of the streams that poisoning the villages… Seem as if what his sister done him he just hate teenage girls want to destroy them. She was at the age of 16? and then her story is the next topic as well who abuse and molested her or she wanted to start feeling things but didn’t want to go out but instead molesting her siblings… His whole house was damned. But see the mind of a grown man many go throughout a lot and overcome. With no intention to do no evil to another

  7. And Andrea KELLY need to REFUND LIFETIME Their MONEY 💵💴 she did nothing but LIE 🤥🤥🤥 it made the rest look bad then Andrea go live on INSTAGRAM joyful off of R KELLY Music

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