Tyler Henry Reads Winner of Facebook Giveaway | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

The young clairvoyant gives a "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" fan a once-in-a-lifetime read! Find out what Tyler uncovers for the lucky fan.

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About Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry:
One of Hollywood’s most sought after mediums, Tyler Henry, delivers astounding readings to celebrities looking for advice, connection and closure with loved ones who have passed on. The 20-year-old medium, clairvoyant and medical intuitive sits down with a vast variety of both believers and skeptics, to convey messages from beyond.

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Tyler Henry Reads Winner of Facebook Giveaway | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!


  1. new drinking game: drink everytime he says “this is so weird” , “this doesn’t make any sense to me” “I have to highlight/aknowledge…”

    • Lindsey H thanks for the Drinking Game idea it was fun while it lasted even though I’m now suffering from acute liver failure because of it LOL…

    • Lindsey H I’m only about 18mins into the reading so I decided to partake in your drinking game idea & I’m starting to feel a little buzz already. LmaoKmslRofl ;-p

    • Hello Lindsey, it seems like it is weird, however, what he is going through more accurately is called, “filtering and discerning”. What that means is that he is receiving A Lot of information. To visualize what this looks like if we could see it is: imagine what it is like standing under a regular shower head, having all the water run onto and over you…that is what the information/messages/images/people/voices are like when they are being received by the reader/medium. In his case, it is like standing under a waterfall….for this person anyways. He is receiving a TON of information. The NEXT step, is, as he is receiving, he has to Catch It, and then quickly SCAN or FILTER what is pertinent and what isn’t. Then, once he has caught/filtered, he now needs to piece it all together and then, the HARDEST part is to CONVEY or DESCRIBE it in terms that the receiver will understand it. It is really hard work and wears the body, the energy…it literally can be draining to the point where the person is not only sweaty from the experience but is tired, listless, and has to rest in a room, alone without any interference from people at all to then RECHARGE. I hope this helps to better understand what he is going through. Take Care.

    • +Mind Flowers Seriously tho… that would be like water boarding yourself for 40:27 ,)

    • gbs I’m sorry I just want to make sure before I answer, you are replying to the original question about him reading someone out of the limelight?

    • The psychic scam is one of the most common scams out there, and psychics will actually comb through the obituaries for victims, because if you’ve just lost someone you’re much more likely to believe that I can communicate with the dead.

  2. this lady didn’t give much feedback which is why this reading seemed difficult. I enjoy it when they explain his visions.

    • Deb Ally I feel so stupid now because I believed.hes continuously leading her and watching her reactions then going with that.hes just babbling

    • Terry Terreri Deb Ally look at the video the try guys did. He talk to one guy about a personal family thing the the family it’s self doesn’t even talk about. How do you explain that? And he’s said it before he doesn’t have a conversation in his head with the dead. They show him things and he tries to put them together to form a coherent verbal speech. And do you think it’s easy for the dead to talk and use words? If that’s the case on every ghost searching or hunting or whatever show they will always be hearing conversations between spirits. It’s probably not the same for the dead so why would you aspect them to communicate as easily as someone living . And how do you know the people haven’t found peace with their death, not or deaths are miscible and they probably he’d enough time to cope with their own death and accept.

    • 12345 6789 He’s not envisioning anything. He is a professional charlatan. A master deceiver and fraudulent theif. Otherwise commonly known as a medium. An abomination unto the Lord God Almighty. The Bible refers to demons being familiar spirits who trick the medium into believing they are speaking with a person who has passed on. The medium uses common techniques called shot gunning, cold reading and hot reading. They never come up with a specific person and a message. It’s always either a mother figure or a father figure. Male or female. The medium will ask too many questions until they get a hit.

  3. Tyler has read many non celebrities before his television series. He started working professionally as a medium since age 16. He did readings for his teachers and classmates before he became well known.

    • lavenda lee its good that’s he’s a nice person but when you’re ripping people off like this, that’s not cool. He maybe a nice guy. How can you not see that he’s as fake as a £6 note. Its like all these faith healers and preachers.

  4. He is so sweet and genuine, it’s nice to see that he treats “regular” people the exact same way he treats celebrities!

    • Will Witherdin no they are hoping that what u assume is ok to believe from this so called “nice man” is also true. Now if it so went the other way and he was hella wrong then it would be a problem…

    • sand bach I’m not saying that he doesn’t, just remember that this regular person was sponsoring Facebook and there were a bunch of cameras on her for an E so he has to come off like he does!

    • sand bach lol complete scam… all of his information is from google, Wikipedia, and media…

  5. wouldnt it be interesting to use his talent in criminal cases where familes and the police dont know who murdered a family member? Like asking tyler to ask that murdered person who did it?

  6. This is my reading. Edited, because the entire thing lasted about an hour and 20 minutes. It was amazing and emotional! He had no idea who I was or anything about me or who I wanted to connect with. Tyler is the sweetest guy, and so spot on. You can believe or not and that is fine. For me, he answered so many questions we had surrounding my sisters death and also my dad and brother in law (that wasn’t shown here). Like he says he tries to help people heal and help understand. This was a life changing experience for me and I thank him very much for helping me understand some things and connect with my loved ones. He is truly gifted and an amazing soul!

    • Jaimie Horn I absolutely love this reading!! As someone who’s from Boise, I love the connection and someone from good old Idaho had the opportunity to have such a blessing. So happy you’ve had an extra opportunity to heal. Beyond the way most of us do. He seems so sweet and compassionate. Cheers to you!

    • can look up stuff. Haven’t you seen the proof? There are true prophets walking this earth, I know that, but… ? Eh

    • +SaharWayne I’m sure some random guy on Youtube really has 4 million dollars to just throw away on that. You’re probably right, he is not what he claims to be, but you should actually be able to put up or shut up.

    • Jaimie Horn I once had a medium at my house growing up. I was a teenager and just thought “whatever” and my sister ran upstairs and said “you have to come down here! The first thing she said when walking in our house was “who is David”.” David was my best friend who passed from a car accident. She knew inside jokes and told me not to worry about the flowers. Something so specific that haunted me. His mom had carnations to lay on his casket. My friends bought me a bouquet to put on his casket so I could take the carnation. I forgot the bouquet in the car and didn’t feel right taking the carnation. So I ultimately left that on the casket and got the bouquet afterward and laid that down as well. I was so upset I never took the flowers. Mediums bring such peace. I would love to meet with one again as I am 32 now and this was when I was 16. ❤️ very happy to watch your reading. Thank you for this.

    • Fantastic you are so lucky i live in australia would love him to come out here i watch his show and think he is amazing

    • No one in the family matches the DBA found in her panties. Wish people would leave them alone… The police are looking for a DBA match in cotus data bank. The man will be found if still alive. No FAMILY DID THIS . They lost their baby girl. Careful with your words. This is a sad case

    • It’s the brother. The Mom wrote the letter and did the staging to help cover it up. So she wouldn’t lose both children. What’s weird though, is the son was young, and likely wouldn’t been charged, due to his young age. Saving face was a huge part of it

    • The psychic twins channeled JonBenet in a collab with Shane Dawson. Her daddy did it. The mother helped cover it up.

  7. I just love him!! He’s such a sweetheart & has such a positive vibe & kind spirit!

    • lavenda lee he tried to keep getting information out of her and puts out alot of things to c her reaction

    • If only he used his “power” to solve murders or find missing kids…

  8. 5,000 men and women’s names and he states the EXACT name which she recognizes.  A place around a mining area and she relates to that immediately.  How can anyone say he’s cold reading her when he’s not asking her for information about anything????  He’s the one telling her what he hears or sees.

  9. Okay guys, just because ya’ll can’t connect with the dead like he can, there really is no reason to hate on him. Leave the boy be.

    • You’re right, Nicole! Haters and jealous, that’s what this kind of people are, sad…
      Tyler, I like you very much, and I think you have a lot of respect for all the people visible or not. Keep on going, man!

  10. His voice especially when he says “thank you” to Spirit…. I get what many in ASMR describe as “tinglies”

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